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Thread: Season 4 Auditions - May 29, 2006 Recap

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    Very nice job OGOPOGO!

    I don't know why some are disappointed in CI. It's barely started. And the first few shows are just tryouts. Remember. AI does it every year too! It always gets better, waaayyyy better, once you have it down to the real contestants and the VOTING begins!

    WOO HOO That's when it gets competative! Meanwhile, it's just simply entertaining. Frankly, I thought they did a very good job on the first show.
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    What goofy geeks do the producers have lined up to entertain us tonight? And no, I'm not talking about Ben Mulroney!

    Next stop. Edmonton, a place that has been a gold mine for Canadian Idol what with Season 1's third place finisher Billy Klippert, Season 2's dreamy winner Kalan Porter, and last year's winner, the cute and perky Melissa O'Neill. Let's see what they've got for us this year. First up is Dennis Deveaux. You know how sometimes you take a dislike to someone almost before they've even so much as opened their mouth? Well, meet Dennis, an entirely too earnest wannabe. Bye Dennis

    Outside, Ben catches up with Mike and asks him if he really is, as the judges said, the worst singer in Kitchener Waterloo. "Nah! I don't even live here man." was Mike's unintentionally hilarious reply!
    Great job, Ogo!
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