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Thread: Canadian Idol 05/30 – Do You Want Hand Actions?

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    Canadian Idol 05/30 – Do You Want Hand Actions?

    Gather round boys and girls and welcome to another season of Canadian Idol. Your regular recapper, Silverstar, is on the road this week, so consider me her warm up act with this recaplet as we enter the first stages of the great Canadian Idol search. Who will be the next Kalan? Who will be the next Theresa, and will there ever be another Jacob? Only time will tell.

    Our first stop is in Vancouver this year and we’re off to a strong start. Brayden LeClair sings I Want To Be Like You and throws in some scat. It worked for Theresa and it works for Brayden. He’s heading to Toronto. Chelsea Johnson is back for the third year and her Summertime gets her a gold ticket. Finally. As usual, we’re treated to the not so talented and among the parade of rejects is Brandi, who sings a Britney Spears song and has been told, by her friends, that she shouldn’t sing. We’re up to a girl named Suzie, who is actually a singer in a band from Kamloops. She gets her own vignette and if you are familiar with these shows, you know what that means; she gets a gold ticket! 17 from Vancouver are off to Toronto.

    Next up is Calgary where Jon and Ben are dressed in cowboy gear in order to fit in. Yuk. Yuk. That’s comic gold, people. Calgary, of course, is the city that gave us Kalan Porter, the golden haired boy of many a preteen girl’s dream. (And Billy Klippert, *sniff* how quickly we forget) Will the next Idol hail from these parts? Bree Carson starts off by using her charms and her above average voice to work her magic on the judges. She’s officially the first Canadian Idol to annoy the crap out of me, brought on in large part by singing Ashlee Simpson’s La La. The male judges like her, Sass doesn’t, but she earns her gold ticket. After seeing the Calgary rejects, we meet Jenn, who Zack says sings better than Alanis and Raven, who is also given the personal touch from the producers. Surprise, surprise, she’s one of the 24 that is headed to Turanna via Calgary.

    On our way east, we stop in Saskatoon. First off is Darren, who thinks the judges will marvel at his take on Doe A Deer. He’s wrong. Meredith Shareski sings a soulful version of Stormy Weather and squeals like a little girl when the judges send her through. Jon takes a detour with a women’s singing choir and, not surprisingly, makes a fine older woman. Meanwhile, the would be contestants from Saskatoon are primping themselves like they’re prom date’s about to arrive. Psych major, Rochelle auditions and Farley asks her what a man (Zack) that carries two mirrors around so he can look at himself would be considered. She suggests he would be an egocentric. The other three judges are delighted and would have given her a gold ticket right there, but she seals the deal with her flawless rendition of I Hope You Dance.

    Whitehorse is next on the itinerary and Jon is the only one brave enough to go. Trouble is, Jon is neither a judge, nor a host. The good people of Whitehorse have turned out, however and 3 people from the REAL Great White North go through to Winnipeg to audition for the celebrity judges. What a rip.

    Speaking of Winnipeg, we’re off to the final city of the night, which has a long history of producing quality acts. Matt Cairns, rocks out to I’ll Be, which the judges prefer to the usual sugary versions, and is heading to Toronto. So is Robert, who brought his grandmother and sings a perfect You Raise Me Up. Naturally, Winnipeg has it’s fair share of craptacular singers and we are treated to clip after clip of bad performances. Finally, Paul, dressed in his best suit, sings a country song, Maria and impresses the judges with his ability to hold high notes. 18 more people are off to the Big Smoke.

    To close off the show, Ben thanks everyone that came out to sing, no matter how poorly they sang and introduces a bittersweet montage, set to Have A Little Faith In Me. Many of the contestants believe the judges made mistakes, many are in tears and the judges take the time to encourage and offer sincere advice to a lucky few. Welcome back, everyone.

    Tuesday, the search continues as we head out to Canada’s east coast.
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    Wey Hey...thanks Miss F.

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    Thanks for the recap Miss F....
    I always wondered how to spell Turanna....Lol....

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    Woo hoo! Off to a great start, thanks for the ultra fast recap, Miss F!
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    Thanks Miss F! Was Jenn from Calgary the girl in the tie? She was the only one last night who impressed me.
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    Great stuff! Thank you so much for these recaps!

    I'll never forget Billy

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