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Thread: Canadian Idol: The FORT Interview with Sass Jordan

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    Canadian Idol: The FORT Interview with Sass Jordan

    Juno Award winning artist, Sass Jordan, is a household name to Canadians for both her successful career as a solo artist and now as a Canadian Idol judge. Looking ahead to Season 3 of the wildly popular show, Sass was kind enough to answer some of our questions.

    After such a successful season, was it difficult to return to the auditioning process?
    It is always a daunting prospect, because it is so much slog work, sifting through all the sludge to find the diamond - on the other hand, finding those diamonds do make it worth the effort and energy.

    Is there a downside to last year's success?
    Not for me !!!

    With 2 seasons behind you, do you approach the audition process as a performer or a judge?
    I approach everything in life the same way, as the person I am, and the person I am becoming.

    How has your style of judging changed over the past 3 seasons?
    I find that I am less wary of speaking my mind, although I still hold back to some extent. I don't think TV Land is ready for the, shall we say, 'unabridged version' of Sass !

    Last season, Jason Greeley sang one of your songs in his audition, albeit after he got a gold ticket. What is your reaction when contestants sing one of your songs during an audition?
    I usually cringe at the idea that people did not even take the time to learn the correct lyrics - if someone came out and sang one of my songs like they meant it, I would LOVE them, just like I do when they sing ANY song like they mean it.

    Speaking of, can we look forward to a Sass Jordan themed night? Have you thought about performing during a results show?
    I am not a producer on the show, and it is entirely up to them. It is their show.

    What is your favourite stage of the Canadian Idol process?
    I like all the stages, for different reasons - but I really enjoy the amped up energy of the Top Ten.

    Over the past two seasons, can you tell how popular certain performers will become? If so, did that become a factor while judging this year?
    You never know for sure. You have ideas, but we have all been wrong, and we have all been right. It most certainly is a factor when we do the judging.

    Do you find it difficult to juggle Canadian Idol with recording and performing?
    It can be challenging, but nothing lasts forever ! I am enjoying this episode of my life, and I will enjoy the next as well. This is the BEST part time job I ever had !

    What can we expect from this year's group?
    More crazy, wild fun ! Personalities and inspiration ...

    The viewers get very emotionally invested in the contestants as the season progresses. How do you conceal your personal preferences and remain so objective and fair?
    I don't think that I DO conceal my personal preferences ! You can see everything I am thinking right on my face ... it's part of my 'charm' !!!!

    Thanks again to Sass Jordan for taking the time to answer our questions, and to CTV for granting the interview!
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    Thanks Miss F and Sass for this interview! I love that she's honest and down-to-earth.

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    Woo hoo! Great interview, Miss F!

    I wish I had the wherewithal to carry off a name like "Sass". You can tell it fits her to a "t".
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    Awesome interview Miss F. Sass seems like a real character.

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    Woo hoo! Thanks, Miss F, for this great interview. A big thank-you to Sass for participating, too.

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    Thanks, Miss F. I've been a fan of Sass and her music for many years (though I was really off-put by her manner on Season 1, she totally redeemed herself in Season 2 ).

    She looks fabulous in that picture. MILF, indeed.
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    I was very impressed with the interview. As a non-Sass loving fan, it was great to see her personality come through. Maybe I'll be watching this season after all!

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