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Thread: Favourite Canadian Idol Performances

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    Kalan's Still (and the eyeboink at the end), Kalan's first Born to be Wild, when that sweet shy boy came out and rocked it and blew the socks off everybody (whodda thunk it?), Kalan's full version of House of the Rising Sun really really showed off his voice, and of course, Kalan's Nature Boy - to think that an 18 year old boy could put so much feeling and emotion into a hard song to sing, and Idol song notwithstanding, loved his final singout of Awake in a Dream with the little catches in his voice. He was feeling it. Well, really, anything by Kalan. He was simply amazing.

    Jacob's antics were over the top for me, but I do have to give him kudo's for being somewhat entertaining - his Space Odyssey was an amazing Idol performance.

    Theresa's Good Mother, and especially Song for a Winter's Night - loved that performance. Her voice was in better shape and she nailed it. I liked Elena's Mary Jane, and her Leaving on a Jet Plane. And of course some of their group songs were terrific, with Canadian Railroad Trilogy and their instruments leading the way. Liked In Your Eyes as well, and the finale duet of True Colours was so sincere and heartfelt, you couldn't help but fall in love with the two of them.

    And just as an aside, I recently saw Kalan do three shows here in B.C. He's not the same boy from Canadian Idol. He's a rock stah! now - put on an amazing show, especially in Kamloops, so confident, jaunty, cocky almost, as he belts with that beautiful voice of his. Lots of video available of his performances if anybody wants to see the new and even better Kalan! (pm me)

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    My Top 5 Canadian Idol Songs...

    1. Ryan Malcolm - Just the Way You Are
    2. Sherry St. Germain - Chain of Fools
    3. Elena Juatco - Mary Jane
    4. Jenny Gear - Tower of Song
    5. Toya Alexis - I Believe in You and Me

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    CI2 was such a wonderful season I'm having a hard time narrowing down the best moments.

    For starters I adored the Top 3 and many others along the way. Everyone added something to the show.

    1. Kalan:
    -Born to be Wild (Top 10) floored me. I've seen him perform this number as the encore in his concerts and it's incredible. He adds a touch of fiddle. Very cool.
    -House of the Rising Sun
    -Lady (top 32)
    -Nature Boy

    2. Jacob
    -Everything was awesome even with the contrived jacket move
    -Space Oddity left my mouth hanging open. Blue jumpsuits will never have the same meaning anymore
    -the Cheap Trick number from his final sing out

    3. Theresa
    -Ready for Love (gave me shivers)
    -Good Mother

    I also loved Shane's "The Way I Feel" and Elena's "Mary Jane".

    The true highlight of the season was definitely Gordon Lightfoot's "Canadian Railroad Trilogy". I play it time to time and still gets me. Not only was it a great national moment, but the group sounded very tight and harmonized well. This is something you take for granted if you've been watching AI4 all season long.

    Other favourite moments:
    -Jacob and Shane singing Under Pressure during the finale
    -Jacob giving Ben a wet willy
    -Kalan forgetting choreography to the group numbers LOL
    -True Colours duet
    -In Your Eyes Top 3 (Kalan also performs this in concert and it's very moving)

    Off to watch those videos again.

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    Kalan: Nature Boy, Born To Be Wild, Paint It Black, I Can Only Imagine...I just love all the songs he sang!

    Theresa: Good Mother, Crusing , Ready For Love

    Jacob: Put your head on my shoulder, I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing, Space Oddity.

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    Kalan-Born to be Wild
    Theresa-basically everything, especially Crusin' and Good Mother.
    Billy Klippert-Levon and Superstar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Jenny Gear.


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    Jakob,Jakob,Jakob,...oh and Billy Klippert! I sense a trend here. I wonder who will be third this year?
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    In answer to that, blue eyes... just watch for my favourite - they are a guaranteed third

    You've all hit my fave performances so I'll just have to made due with a
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    I am going to have to mention Toya again from season one...anything she did was out of this world.

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    I forgot about Toya! She was great. Ugh, I can't believe she was robbed. The best of the Top 11 were out early, IMO (With the exception of Billy. Loved Billy)
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