I don't like to be too much of a homer and brag on how great Canadian Idol is, but John, you're absolutely right. The judges actually judge and offer both critique and acclaim, the competition in the second season was amazing (and hopefully will be for the third as well), and yes, the best person did win. Kalan was never once in the bottom two or three, all his performances were good, although naturally a few of them were better than others, standouts really. And it has been so neat to follow his career since the show ended. He's still shy and humble and constantly gracious to all his fans, but his performance skills have gotten even better and he puts on a fabulous rocking show on tour with loads of violin playing thrown in. Almost scary to think of what he's going to become (he's only 19 now) when you see the change in him from his first audition where they said he was 'like a shaking leaf' to seeing him shred his violin bow on Born to be Wild as he closes out his encore songs as the audience goes nuts. Future Canadian Idols are going to have a heck of a time living up to this kid's amazing talents.
I agree with everything you said! Kalan is like the next Kelly! They are both really successful..unlike ryan..ruben..ahem.