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Thread: Canadian Idol 08/25 - Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast!

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    Canadian Idol 08/25 - Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast!

    Where does the time go?

    No, I didnít just turn 90 and wonder whatís happened to my youth, (although Iím sure a significant portion of the past 10 years was spent in front of a computer) Iím wondering what happened to summer. Really, what happened to summer? Did it get lost on itís way to Ontario? Iím not exactly sure what the weather is like across the country, but here in good old Southwestern Ontario, it was pretty crappy.

    So as I check my calendar and realize that September starts next week, I begin to panic. In celebration of, well, the summer that never was, Canadian Idol has decided to celebrate with, well, a bunch of lackluster performances. If you happened to be out enjoying a nice summer evening, then congratulations, you missed nothing! Since I am contractually obligated to recap Canadian Idol, letís get to it.

    Okay, Iím not, but I bothered to take notes, so I may as well make the best of it

    Meet & Greet
    Even though weíre down to 5 Idols, weíre still at an hour a show. While most people would assume this would give the performers a chance to sing two songs, those people would be wrong. One extended performance each and lots of filler in between!

    Ben, dressed in a pink polo and looking very much straight out of 1983, brings the Idols to centre stage. They roll a clip of the contestants at their CNE concert earlier in the week. There is a huge crowd turnout and they each sing two songs, all of which are repeat performances. Of note, Shane has opted to perform I Believe In A Thing Called Love which he apparently performs much worse than he did in competition. Adding injury to insult, he seems to be the Idol that the honor of the token Jon Dore appearance has been bestowed upon. He comes out playing air guitar on his leg. I know, clever.

    Ben adds it was a perfect show as there were no judges and turns to said judges for comment. Jake, who appears to be in a crankpants mood, says it was also great as there was no host. Jake then comments on the overwhelming amount of votes and suggest that we Canadians vote for who has the best performance rather than our favourite. Important advice to be sure, but Iím sure went largely ignored by the rabid screaming 14 year olds in the audience with Kalan signs. He could burp his entire song and theyíd be voting like crazy as usual. Farley looks great as usual and is wearing pink better than Ben, and Iím sure says something, but Iím too distracted by the horrible wardrobe selection by Sass, who is wearing a green dress and blue bra. Iím sure she also said something, but Iím assuming it was unintelligible so Iím not losing sleep over it. Ben asks Zack his most carefully crafted question of the evening, ĎHow do you compare this seasonís top 5 with that of last season?í Iím breathless for his ever honest opinion as I was not all that impressed myself. Instead, Zack criticizes Benís shirt. Zack honey, I know the pink shirt isnít doing Ben any favours, but have you seen what the cougar on your right is wearing? I think sheís the one in dire need of some fashion advice.

    Youíre Just Missing the Football Field and Heath Ledger
    Shane opens the show with everyoneís favourite summertime hit, Canít Take My Eyes Off Of You. Iím not exactly sure what the song has to do with summer, but apparently itís the beginning of a trend.

    While Iím not a fan of Shane, Iíll allow that heís a talented singer. Well, usually. He seems to miss some notes and is dancing around with the patented Jason Greeley constipated lookô on his face. Iím not sure itís entirely his fault as the horrible background track is awfully distracting. Itís really not doing much for me although Iím beginning to develop a gradual respect for Shane for selecting songs that are risky rather than Disney week after week.

    Jake points out that Shane flubbed the words, but thatís only worth a tenth of a point deduction. I didnít even notice he flubbed the words, thatís how distracted I was with his faces. Farley continues with the Olympics theme and says he hit the first hurdle but kept going. The audience groans. Itís too soon after Perdita, Farley, sorry. Sass picks up on the theme and says it was a gold medal performance since she knows what itís like to forget the words. Well, thatís what happens when youíve had too much to drink before you go on for a show, Sass. I know, I know, she only acts like she drinks all the time. Zack thinks Shane tanked it, but he showed what he could do as an artist, an artist that Zack wonít be buying from. I am suddenly curious as to who Zack would actually buy fromÖ

    Thatíll Whip The Preteens Into A Frenzy
    Kalan follows with the Doobie Brothersí Long Train Running. Again, not a song I associate with summer, but a song from a summer a decade or two before Kalan was born, so itís an honest mistake. Kalan, while he doesnít do anything for me but ponder the importance of a good hair product, sings as strong as ever. He has an amazing voice, but thatís not really news to anyone. Kalan tries to shake it up by dancing a bit but fails miserably.

    Farley also isnít thrilled with the dance moves but says heís feeling the vibe. Iím not sure Kalan knows what a vibe is. Sass comments on his great energy and appreciates him kicking it into high gear. Zack praises him for holding an extra long note, but knocks him on lack of maturity. Jake, still crank and obviously annoyed by the considerable fan girl screams says it was the most karaoke thing heís ever done and lacked soul. Jake, Jake, Jake. Kalan always sings like he has the personality of a statue, Kaleb was the one with all the soul.

    One Trick Pony Rides Again
    Jason is up next with Robert Palmerís Bad Case of Loving You. Yay, just what we needed, another high energy, belt Ďem and bore Ďem tune. Again, not a song I associate with summer. Jason runs around stage like he usually does and then runs into the audience, reminiscent of another lucky competitor, Josh Gracin from AI2.

    Sass tells him what he lacked in finesse he made up for in energy. Arenít finesse and energy kind of in the same family? Zack says he was both sharp and flat and if generic rock is what weíre looking for in a Canadian Idol, heís it. Jason smiles, as the dig flies right over his head. Jake, still grouchy, says it was a bad case of a bad song. Farley opts not to comment other than wishing they all could dance a bit better.

    Roll Of The Dice
    Continuing with the theme of not selecting actual summertime songs, Jacob takes to the stage with Aerosmithís Donít Wanna Miss A Thing. Iím not a fan of this song and wasnít a fan the first 25,376 times I heard it, but I am a fan of Jacob. Jacob has assumed his now familiar serious stance, which consists of singing the song with his hands behind him. I liked it but was not crazy about it. I do give him credit for connecting with the song.

    Zack says he took a song he hates and killed it, and then trips over himself praising the wonder that is Jacob. Do you think Zack has a favourite? I canít wait for his reaction once Jacob is eliminated. Jake jumps on board the Jacob train and praises him for a good performance with a song he also hates. Farley says the guy who can dance didnít need to. Sass, forgetting the fact that sheís a good 20 years old then him, flirts and says sheís always been his number one fan and then does an idiotic gun pointing thing at him. And sorry Sass, but Iím quite sure Zack holds that dubious honour.

    Just When You Thought It Couldnít Get Worse
    Canadian Idol has obviously picked up Athleteís World as a sponsor and wastes no time in creating an idiotic skit incorporating the sportswear company. This time the Idols are on a mission to makeover Professor Jon Dore. Jon is dressed like the professor heís supposed to be, complete with odd facial hair. The Idols all ham it up as they proceed with their challenge. Itís incredibly embarrassing for all involved and letís just say the word ĎFlavaí was used.

    Also, Iím convinced CTV is pimping Jon to be the next host for Season 3.

    Leave It To A Woman To Get It Right
    Last but not least is Theresa with Cruisin. Unlike the other songs, this indeed is a summer sounding song. Theresa is in her element and sings the song so well that I forget all about Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow and their version that was pushed so heavily on Easy Rock stations all across the country.

    The judges, always happy to praise Theresa, have found the perfect opportunity. Jake, full well that nothing he could do would be more embarrassing than the Professor Jon skit, says her futureís so bright, heís gotta wear shades Ė and then dons a set of said shades. Farley and Sass both comment on her phrasing, punctuated by lots of oohing and ahhing. Zack also adds his praise and says her tone is delicious.

    Next Time: A 6th contestant gets the boot Ė will Jason and Shane escape the ax again? Also, Gary Beals performs, so some of us will catch about 10 minutes of Big Brother!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi

    Also, Gary Beals performs, so some of us will catch about 10 minutes of Big Brother!
    Unfortunately I don't get CI2 until 3 hours later than when you see it, so I'll be able to see all of BB5 before I see CI, maybe you can warn me how far into the show Gary Beals is performing.

    Great recap!

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    You know, once they take out all the commercials and other crap, there is only about 15 minutes total time of singing and judging. What an incredible waste of time to get to some mediocre singing (and I'm an incredible CI fan!). I'm very near the point of just waiting for the recaps the next day, but I must admit, I do need my 2 minute fix of curls and blue eyes each week, so I guess I'll have to watch a bit.

    And pineapple, I LOVE your avatar. That AD is a real cutie himself!!

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    Great recap Miss F!

    I was at the show last night so I was there to witness one (ok, two) of the worst group numbers ever! That Beach Boys number was terrible!

    Anyway, here a few items of note:

    During the first commercial break, Ben asked the Jason supporters in the audience to start wearing shirts with green sleeves because apparently Jason works at a bar called Green Sleeves (or something like that). Ben tends to say strange things completely unprovoked, unwarranted and usually so non-sensical that the audience is left wondering what the heck he's been smoking. Example #2: during the second commercial break Ben, out of the blue, said due to Jacob's low-rise jeans it's been confirmed he is wearing underwear and he's pretty sure they are white. Where the hell did that come from?!?

    Ok, enough of Ben and on to the real talent. The first commercial break after Jason was announced as the first member of the bottom 2, Jacob leaped from the couch to give Jason a big hug. The others quickly followed. I've noticed it in other shows as well as this one, Jacob is always the first one to give the hugs of support. Perhaps it's because he is always bouncing off the walls and can't sit still on the couch any longer than he has to.

    When Ben announced we would find out who would be joining Jason "after the break", Jacob showed his nerves by groaning, doing a little jump in his seat, then sprawling across the laps of the other 3 on the couch as if he just couldn't bear this torture anymore and was going to faint. I felt so bad for him!

    During the next commercial break, Jason & Shane remained standing on stage and the others on the couch. A lot of shouts from the audience were "I love you Shane"s and a few for Jason but the majority were for Kalan. He ignored them (in his modest, shy way) and continued to talk with Theresa but when Jacob heard the shouts that were directed at him, he pointed to Jason & Shane and said something like "for them", indicating the audience should be shouting their support for J&S and not for the other contestants. Very sweet.

    After Ben revealed Shane had the lowest votes, Jason returned to the couch. All of the other contestants had their heads in their hands at one point and did not say anything to Jason. I don't think it was that they didn't like Jason, I just think they were too upset about Shane and he was their focus.

    The only other thing to report is Sass gets her hair and make-up retouched every break. I mean every break. I'm surprised she can still hold up her head by the end of the hour with all that foundation and hairspray she has plastered on. I guess she is trying to maintain her MILF status by any means necessary (cue lowcut shirts and visible lace bras).

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    Oh, I should say i was a little anxious to report my findings so i've posted this under the performance recap and not the results show recap. Ooops.

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    The part about Jacob's underwear was hilarious. It's a shame it didn't make it on the air. Shoulda been better than the Professor Dore scene...

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