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Thread: Canadian Idol 07/29 – The Day Nova Scotia’s Phones Went Dead

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    Canadian Idol 07/29 – The Day Nova Scotia’s Phones Went Dead

    Canadian Idol 07/29 – The Day Nova Scotia’s Phones Went Dead

    Can you feel the excitement?

    No really, can you? Because I can’t. Maybe it’s because Ben Mulroney can’t work me into a frenzy, no matter how he tries to dress it up. Maybe it’s because I know my favourites are going to be safe. Or at least I assume. I spent the night before voting for someone who I thought was on the bubble and needed another chance to redeem himself. I did not, in fact, vote for my favourites. I left that up to others. Are my favourites at stake? Likely not as I’m sure my 50 odd votes won’t make the difference in a sea of 2.2 million. Yes, I know, every vote counts. Let’s find out together.

    The Idols start the show off with a medley of British hits. Among them are Wishin’ & Hopin’, Satisfaction and You Really Got Me. The general theme for the performance is girls against the guys and as a whole, the group sings very well together. With one notable exception. At one point, Kaleb makes a very obvious attempt to check out Elena’s behind. I knew he was pervy.

    Say It With Me, No More Field Trips
    After a quick shot of last year’s Mikey Bustos in the crowd, Jon Dore runs out in tennis gear. Ben and Jon make some incredibly unfunny ball jokes that would only amuse 13 year old boys. He said balls, hee hee. This week, the 9 finalists made a trip to the Rexall Centre. Raise your hand if you care. However, due to the lack of excitement in this episode, I feel compelled to include it. The Idols sing the national anthem. I must say, they do a great job. Then they run into Daniel Nestor, Andy Roddick and pretend to wave at Andre Agassi. Then they pretend he waves at them and because of this, screws up. Horrible acting ensues as they pretend to leave in shame. Good thing they’re talented singers because they’ll never have a movie like From Justin To Kelly. It makes those two look like freaking Academy Award winners.

    What Happened To The Rabid Nova Scotia Fans?
    The moment we’ve all been waiting for, and therefore managed to sit through 15 minutes of fluff, is upon us.

    Jason is safe.

    Kaleb is the first member of bottom three. The audience boos. I agree wholeheartedly. What happened to the Nova Scotia that helped push Brandy through? What happened to the Nova Scotia that made sure Gary Beals got through week after week, long past what he deserved. (Just my opinion of course, I realize some people think Gary’s a fantastic talent. I’m not one of them.) They actually have a bonifide would-be star in this guy and he’s in the bottom three? What, did people just vote for people that were in trouble and neglect their favourites? Oops. Kaleb makes his way to the centre of the stage. Still, no stools by the way.

    Ben continues with the roll call from hell.

    Jacob is safe.

    Kalan, who once again has the fear of God into him, is also safe. Perhaps he figured if Kaleb found his way in the bottom three than he could do.

    Joshua is also safe. Josh looks stunned, as if there has been a mistake. Maybe my 50 votes did make a difference.

    Shane, who looks pretty darn comfortable for no reason at all, is in the bottom three as well.

    Elena is safe.

    It all comes down to Theresa and Manoah. During the break, I try to figure out which one it will be. Surely two of the three front runners will not find themselves in the bottom three, right? After all, Manoh has a lot of students. Well, anything can happen.

    Anything does not happen and Theresa is safe.

    Ben polls the judges with their thoughts. Ben asks Jake why they found themselves in the bottom three. Jake gives a rather snarky answer and says it’s because they didn’t get enough votes. Thanks for the insight Jake, just can’t wait to hop on the Ben Mulroney dogpile can you, now that Zack has let up a bit. Farley is asked for his thoughts. After a very long pause, he says Canada made a mistake. Ben asks Sass, as a performer, what is she thinking. She says it’s very emotional and her heart goes out to them. Ben asks Zack to give some advice. Zack says two of them have to show who you are and dig deep. He thinks the third person is just wonderful and if Canada doesn’t get it, he doesn’t care.

    Kaleb safe, followed by Shane.

    Manoah is eliminated. Ben does one of the few things he does well and gives a sympathetic speech as Manoah cries. The audience gives standing ovation and we’re shown her journey through Canadian Idol. Manoah then sings her good bye song, the same one that managed to find her in the bottom three. School’s out for Manoah.

    Next week, the top eight perform!
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    You had me at the title, Miss F...awesome recap.

    Anything does not happen and Theresa is safe.
    For which we all breathed a collective sigh of relief!
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    Thanks for the great recap. I've got to agree about Jake's comment on Ben. Ben might seem dim (who knows, he could be brilliant. Nah), but I think he knew it was because of the votes. Jake and Zak ragging on him just comes off as bullying, Ben is such a weak target, it's just cringe-worthy when they do that. Grow-up guys. (and Zak, please get a hair-cut, that hair-do screams "I'm hiding a receding hairline").

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    I loved the title, Miss F.

    I have to agree with you and elfgirl, I really dislike Ben but he can't seem to defend himself like Seacrest is able to do so.

    Thanks for the recap.

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