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Thread: Canadian Idol 07/15 Ė Ainít No Sunshine

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    Canadian Idol 07/15 Ė Ainít No Sunshine

    Canadian Idol 07/15 Ė Ainít No Sunshine

    Donít you just love puns? And when I say love, I mean hate. As I sit here trying to come up with a great way to open my recap, I just keep recalling how Ben Mulroney opened the showÖ

    After the Wild Card show, the competitors were wild, the deck was stacked, but Canada holds all the cards.

    If Ben can open a show with that atrocity, surely I can just do something like point and laugh.

    ::imagine me pointing and laughing::

    Good enough. Letís get on with this train to dullsvilleÖ

    You Know The Drill
    Finally, weíre at the last stop before the Top 10. And this year, it really will be top 10. No last minute additions, no extra judgeís choice, nothing. Just two people voted through by Canadians. See, we really do hold all the cards.

    Before we begin, itís time to introduce the Top 10 so far. Josh, Brandy, Kalan, Kaleb, Theresa, Jacob, Shane and Manoah all take to the stage. And then they sit back down. Pointless, really. Ben then introduces the 8 bravest people he knows, the performers from last night. See, he thinks theyíre brave because they willingly faced the judges for a second time. Not as brave as you Ben, who continues to take the stage, night after night, not afraid to act like a jackass.

    They Listened To Me, They Really Did!
    Ben, riding high on his wave of self-confidence approaches the judges without his usual look of terror in his eyes. The judges all offer their comments on the night before. Jake says some of the wild card performers let him down, but some were great. Farley says that after watching the episode at home, it was reassuring that Canada sees the same thing the judges do. Sass offers that sheíd put 6 of the 8 in the Top 10. Ooooh, I want to know who she wouldnít put through! Zack explains that this isnít science, itís art and art is dirty and itís a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Zack and Ben exchange a warm smile and I just know that I got through to them! They heeded my advice and have decided to mend fences! Oh the power! Excelisor!!! Of course, Iím sure that they did not, in fact, read my recap or take my advice, but were threatened with their jobs if they didnít knock it off. In any case, Iím pleased.

    Say You, Say Them
    Itís time for the judges to make their predictions. Farley believes Raj and Jason will make it to the Top 10. Sass predicts Elena and Jason, but gives special praise to Raj and Andrew. Zack believes that Jason and Elena will not only advance, but each have a shot at winning the entire competition. Jake also predicts Jason and Elena to advance.

    Ben turns to the couches and gives the news. The first to make it to the Top 3 of the evening is Elena, followed soon after by Jason. Surprise, surprise. It comes down to Andrew, Raj and Ted and each of them looks more nervous than the next.

    Ben asks the judges to comment. He asks Zack why he thinks Jason and Elena have made the Top 3 so far. Zack says itís because Canada has good taste and wisely passes up the chance to mock Ben as he is want to do. Look at you Zack, youíre growing as a person!! Ben asks Sass if Canada is voting for personality or voice. Sass thinks itís both, but more importantly, both Jason and Elena have the X factor. I shudder at the horrible Big Brother 4 memories this stirs up. Ben wonders who Farley thinks will be the top vote getter of the night. Farley guesses Jason. Then Ben asks Jake who he thinks will fill that last chair. Jake says it should be Raj, but it will be Andrew. Well, wrong Jake, Ted is the performer to round out the Top 3. Then Ben calls Ted ĎSunshineí about 3 or 4 times. Ted doesnít seem to like it. I donít find it particularly clever. Oh well, par for the course for Ben, Iím just glad heís more relaxed.

    Final Stages
    After exchanging some more chitchat, Ben reveals that the top vote getter of the evening and the ninth person to advance to the Top 10 is Jason Greeley. Jason is happy and when Ben asks what heíd like to say, he says, I AM CANADIAN. Wow. Thatís so clever, they should make it a commercial slogan or something. Also, itís incredibly obvious, given that heís standing in front of a giant ĎCanadian Idolí sign.

    Jason sings and I still am not impressed. I like him, heís a likeable guy, but he needs to dial down on the shouting thing heís doing. Otherwise, heís preferable to Manoah.

    Itís down to just Ted and Elena. Both are painfully aware that there will be no last minute announcement like last year. No extra spots. Nothing. Ben drags out the revelation as long as possible and it is Elena Juacto who will earn the last spot in the Top 10. Ben brings the other 8 contestants and they reunite on stage. Ladies and gentlemen, your Canadian Idol Top 10. Start your second guessing now.

    Next week: Itís REALLY live this time and they move into the John Basset Theatre!
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    Nice recap!
    I'll go on record as saying we liked both Elena and Jason. A lot. There were 4 voters in my home and we were split between the 2 of them.

    But maybe more important than that - I realized the 2 things it is about Ben Mulroney that bug me the most:
    1) when he asks the judges or contestants a question, 99% of the time he is incapable of ad libbing anything in response to their answers; he can only proceed onto his next pre-written question, and
    2) he only blinks about 1/6 as often as a normal human being...

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    Nice recap, Miss Fi. Can somebody explain the whole excelsior thing to me? It seemed like a joke gone wrong, but I have no idea what it meant.

    So, it looks like none of the people with accents made it through this year. What's with the heavy accent thing anyway? I recently watched a couple episodes of Norway Idol 2. It wasn't really all that entertaining because all the comments and stuff were in norwegian, but I did notice that nobody had even a tad bit of an accent when they were singing, not a single person of the 16 or so I saw. Is it something about the french language that makes it harder to suppress that kind of accent?

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    Re: Excelsior. It's a shoutout to her school buddies at Queens, supposedly. Or she's a big fan of Stan Lee.

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