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Thread: Canadian Idol 07/14 Ė Thereís No Third Time, Kids

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    Canadian Idol 07/14 Ė Thereís No Third Time, Kids

    Canadian Idol 07/14 Ė Thereís No Third Time, Kids

    Itís Wild Card show time again! Yes, the best of the rejects from the first four rounds return to compete against each other ensuring that some of them will actually advance this time! Oh, I suppose I could be more polite, but I just finished watching Ben Mulroney pour as much saccharine into the show as he could. Ben opens the show explaining the concept of a Wild Card for the fourteen people that havenít caught an episode of Canadian Idol, American Idol or Card Sharks for that matter. Now that weíre all caught up to speed, Ben introduces the judges so they can wax poetic about the concept of a wild card. Itís time to turn it up a notch! Itís time to step up to the plate! They have nothing to lose, so pull out the stops! They have nothing to fear but fear itself! Or something, I tend to tune out tired clichťs.

    Letís Get It OnÖ
    As if going back in time, the eight returning competitors take to the couches where most of them learned they would not be advancing. Good times.

    Leading off the night is Bernard Quilala. Bernard is a favourite of mine. He has a strong voice, a great smile and his name is fun to say. Jake explains they brought Bernard back because he has a lot of soul and felt he didnít live up to his potential last time. He has chosen to sing Heard It Through The Grapevine. Why anyone would choose a song synonymous to so many with dancing raisins is beyond me. Bernard doesnít do a great job vocally, although heís doing his best to bring out his personality.

    Jake says it was good, but not great. Sass loves his tone, but not his many vocal deficiencies. Farley says he noticed Bernard made several positive changes, but he let some wild notes get away from him. Zack says he likes the jacket, but it was off key and there will be no third time for Bernard.

    After the performers are evaluated by the judges, they have nowhere to go. They stand there for Ben to approach them, as if that isnít scary enough. Bernard looks a little lost after the judges are done with him and just stands there. Weíre going to be treated to a lost of deer in headlights expressions, folks.

    Farley explains that Liz Titan was brought back because they believe she has a tremendous amount of talent and deserves another chance. Liz sings Whitney Houstonís On My Own, not an extremely well known Whitney song, but a Whitney song all the same. Whitney Houston songs can be great song selections, but often they are not, especially if you sound exactly like Whitney Houston with a French accent. Coupled with the song choice, there are all sorts of weird acoustic things going around which seems to make it difficult for Liz to concentrate.

    Farley says her performance wasnít bad, but nothing exceptional. Sass comments on some moments of brilliance, but felt Liz wasnít engaging. Zack believes that Liz will be more engaging and the audience wants her to be relaxed and engaging and thinks sheís an enormous talent. Jake thinks Liz is the only real diva and wants her to move on. Ben, once again showing off his linguistic abilities, tells Liz that she gave him the shivers. Yes Ben, youíre bilingual. So are many of us, youíll have to do more if you want to impress us. How about trying one of those personalities?

    Raj Ramawad follows with Lately. Sass explains that Raj was brought back because he embodies a smooth, soft and rhythmic sensibility. I liked Raj very much and was disappointed that he didnít make it to the top three from his group. Even though Lately is selected just as frequently as a song choice as any Whitney Houston song, Raj does a great job. He uses his strengths to make a good song better rather than destroy a great song that exploits ones weaknesses, as happens far too often.

    The judges are also impressed. Jake says Raj gave a great emotional performance and Sass calls him exciting. Raj reminds Zack of a Ruben Studdard type and thinks he does a great job. Farley says Raj the performance had many Star Search moments and that he should be proud.

    Zack explains that Kyla Sandulak was brought back because she was not like any other competitor in the competition and has a Tori Amos/Chantal Kreviazuk/Sarah McLachlan quality to her. On that note, Kyla comes out in full do-wop gear. Dressed in a pink jacket, reminiscent of Grease and the Pink Ladies, Kyla sings Stand By Me. Iím being as kind as I can when I say that the performance was awkward.

    Zack eats crow and explains that obviously he had no idea what he was talking about as he didnít expect that performance from Kyla. Jake thought she was an artist, but now thinks heís mistaken. Farley is at a loss for words and Sass, never at a loss for words, says she has a great voice but is nothing unique. Kyla looks crushed and Ben takes his sweet time greeting her at center stage. He gives her a few kind words, but Kyla looks defeated.

    The next performer is Ted Senecal, brought back, according to Jake, because he heís a big man with a big voice and a great tone. Ted sings Joy To The World, and his big genuine smile never leaves his face.

    Jakes, who happens to say great a lot, says itís great to see him enjoy himself and he has, yes, great emotion. Thatís great. Farley says itís wonderful to see an artist really connect to a song, like Ted did. Sass thinks heís loveable, but Zack says while Ted sang, he heard remote controls all over Canada clicking. No Zack, thatís when you and Ben get into it. Ben, riding his calm, cool and collected wave tonight, scoffs at Zackís rehearsed comment and then calls Ted ĎSunshineí offhandedly. Whatís that about. Youíre not quite Ryan Seacrest yet Ben, as even Ryan couldnít get away with calling someone ĎSunshineí.

    Farley introduces the next competitor, Elena Juacto and says they brought her back because she has an abundance of energy and they wanted to give her a chance to make it work for her. Iím not a fan of Elena. I really didnít like her last time, so I was not looking forward to her appearance, particularly when I felt others were more deserving. In any case, Elena has chosen to sing What I Did For Love. Elena tones down the theatrics and allows her voice to be the star. I will admit, it works for her and Iím not running from the room as usual.

    Farley thinks Elenaís entertainment factor was applied better this time around. Sass, apparently on the same page as I am, (which makes me want to reconsider my position altogether) says that Elena was much better than she expected. Zack thinks it wasnít as good as it could be, but wants to see her in the top 10. Jake agrees and applauds her for stepping up this week. One can only assume he thought it was Ďgreatí.

    Sass introduces Jason Greeley with several reasons why he deserved a return to the wild card show. The number one reason on Sassí list, of course, is that heís hot. Itís better left unspoken.

    Jason has selected Sad Songs Say So Much. Of course, I didnít even realize what he was singing until about halfway through the song and that was because I know the lyrics. Jason did some sort of bluesy, honky tonk version of the song which included picking up the mic stand and using it as a prop. It didnít really work for me and I felt almost embarrassed for him.

    I shouldnít have. The judges loved it, oddly enough. Sass says he didnít let her down. Why? Because he showed up, shaved and still looks hot? Jake says Jason did what they expected of him. Really? Farley says Jason went through the roof and into the top 10 with that performance. Iím starting to question my own judgment. Zack says that he hates that kind of stuff but concedes it was awesome. I must have lost my ever loviní mind, because I thought it was horrible. Jason thanks the judges and says heís just happy to be nominated. I laughed. The guy does have a good sense of humour, perhaps he can tutor Ben with that one.

    The final contestant of the night is Andrew Broderick who was brought back, according to Zack, because he has loads of potential but you never know what youíre going to get with Andrew. Andrew has chosen Imagine. He sings each word with some emotion behind it, even though he has some rough patches.

    Zack says it was just okay, but he knows heíll be buying Andrewís records in about 3-4 years. Iím going to assume that heíll buy his CDs since records will be almost obsolete by that point. Jake agrees and compliments Andrewís ability to put meaning behind the words. Farley thinks he has tons of potential and Sass praises him for the great stylizing of his performance.

    So thatís it for the Wild Card show. Next time Ė the results!
    (Which would be far more exciting if I wasnít incredibly late with this recap and we didnít already know the outcome!)
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    youíll have to do more if you want to impress us. How about trying one of those personalities?
    Great recap Miss F... something I noticed was that Ben and Zack were noticably more tame (didn't see last night's episode, so I dunno if it kept up) I wonder if they listened to you about the awkwardness of their "problems"

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    something I noticed was that Ben and Zack were noticably more tame

    I noticed this too! Wonder if producers have had enough of it?

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