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Thread: Canadian Idol 07/08 – The Animosity Continues

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    Canadian Idol 07/08 – The Animosity Continues

    Canadian Idol 07/08 – The Animosity Continues

    Gather around kids, I have a little story to tell you before I get to the recap.

    Once upon a time there was a spoiled, little rich boy who grew up with a father everyone hated. He tried very hard to be liked and while no one really liked him, he did manage to land a job hosting the number one, and likely only, entertainment magazine show in the country. Then there was another little boy, I don’t really know much about his backstory, that grew up perfecting the ‘rebel without a cause’ look and developed a lot of attitude that would do wonders for him. It would even land him the ‘Simon’ role on the Canadian installment of the Idol series. There, he would meet little rich boy, who would host the same show.

    This, of course, is the story of Ben Mulroney and Zack Werner.

    Zack hates Ben for a multitude of reasons, mainly because Zack has probably picked on kids like Ben his whole life. Ben is bland, safe and wholly unremarkable in every single way. Ben likely represents everything Zack hates and regardless of what Ben does, Zack will never like this guy. Ben, on the other hand, seems to want Zack to like him or respect him and comes up empty almost every single night. It wouldn’t be so awkward if Ben didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, but he does and I cringe every time some exchange between them turns nasty. Unlike American Idol’s Simon and Ryan, the show benefits from the banter between the two because you know deep down, Simon and Ryan actually like each other. Ben doesn’t have Ryan’s charm and Zack, well, Zack doesn’t have any sort of tact. At least when the other judges are annoyed by Ben, they have the decency to be polite to the guy. I realize he could easily be mistaken for a mannequin, but Zack, there is a real live person in there and he’s so obviously desperate for any sort of positive attention. Would it kill you to be civil once and awhile?

    Now, normally, I would just make a few lame jokes about the animosity and move on, but after tonight’s episode, I felt the Ben/Zack thing overshadowed the whole show. We don’t yet have a Jenny or a Billy or a Ryan to concentrate on. If anyone connected to the show, anyone at all, happens to stumble upon this little recap, I desperately urge you to do something about it. Make changes or fire one or both. It’s just ruining the whole dynamic of what could be an entertaining show.

    Recap Starts…. NOW!
    Ben opens the show explaining that last night was a wild show with twists and turns around every corner. Really? I can’t seem to think of a single twist. I’m convinced Ben has gotten his weeks screwed up and this is the opening to next week’s Wild Card show, with all the Wild references. After all, that is Ben’s style. And look, there is a star in our midst, last year’s Canadian Idol winner, Ryan Malcolm! Ryan gives a quick, shy wave as if he’s embarrassed to be there. Maybe he’s just hoping if he downplays his appearance, no one will think he came with Ben.

    He’s Ain’t Groovy, He’s Jon Dore
    It’s the part of the show we like to call ‘filler’. Just in time, Jon Dore comes out dressed as a 70’s porn star, albeit with less chest hair. He pretends to sing when Ben cuts him off. Nyuk Nyuk. Long story short, Jon takes Group Four on their field trip to The Orbit, a Toronto club co-owned by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson. The group sings karaoke. Everyone appears to have had fun. Oddly enough, talented singers singing karaoke sounds exactly the same as a bunch of half drunk untalented people singing karaoke. Really, it’s astounding how similar it is.

    Who Do You Love?
    Before Ben reveals any results we need to hear the judges’ predictions. Sass predicts Ted and brockjasonmanoah. Zack apologizes to the Great Canadian Cheesemakers, says that Rebecca is a talented singer, but Jason and Manoah are going through. Farley thinks that Shane gave the best performance of the night and will go through, as will Rebecca, who drew him into her corner from a considerable distance. Jake says that Ted and Becky should go through, but thinks Manoah and Brock will advance.

    Time for the results.

    First person through to the top three of the night is Jason. All the judges applaud with the exception of Zack.

    The second person to make the top three of the night is Shane.

    It all comes down to Rebecca and Manoah.

    Make With The Results, But Lose The Attitude
    As has become customary, Ben polls the judges for their reaction. I rather like this move as opposed to American Idol’s technique of having Ryan Seacrest say the exact same thing every single time about how we’ll find out after the break. This gives some insight and reflects some real interest in the last choice.

    Ben asks Zack if Zack’s comments affected the vote. Zack doesn’t think so, but says he’s not unhappy with the vote so far. Then Zack almost softens and says, “But no one listens to me right? Including you, Ben?” Is it an apology? Is it a jab? Who can tell? Ben tells Zack that sometimes his words hurt, but that he’s okay. Yay. Good for you two, we have some real growth happening. Or not.

    Ben asks Sass if she’s more surprised with the vote or the performances last night. Sass says (which is surprisingly difficult to type, by the way) she’s more surprised with the performances last night. In a bad way.

    Farley is asked if he thinks Canada is on track and says they are. Jake is then in the middle of offering his thoughts about the vote when Zack interrupts him to say, “Make with the results” from down the table. Ben looks uncomfortable and tries to laugh it off as he does so often. Ben has been schooled once again and makes with the results.

    The last member of the top three of the evening is Manoah. A part of me dies inside, as I am not a fan. This will almost guarantee her a top three finish, as my own personal reality show trend.

    Ben polls the top three finalists to ask them how they’re feeling. Shane responds that he’s feeling, Room Temperature, the same answer Top 10 Kaleb Simmonds gave a couple weeks earlier, confusing almost everyone. Ben soon makes a joke at his expense to get on with the results and Shane is the top vote getter of the group and the next to advance to the Top 10.

    After Shane performs, it’s revealed that Manoah will join him from Group Four to the top 10. I cringe.

    Fortunately for me, Ben announces who the judges have decided to bring back for the Wild Card show. Those performers will be…

    Andrew Broderick
    Jason Greeley
    Elena Juatco
    Bernard Quilala
    Raj Ramawad
    Kyla Sandulak
    Ted Senecal
    Liz Titan

    We’re still told that two spots will be filled by Canada’s votes. I’m still holding out that the judges will add at least one extra spot. After all last year, it gave us the winner, Ryan Malcolm.
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    Great recap Miss F! I don't watch the results shows, so I rely on your recaps to fill me in. Your description of the Zack-Ben lovefest is dead on. I think Ben annoys everyone by trying too hard, but he means well. You'd think Zack would want to get along with someone he's been working with for two years.

    I was hoping Ted and Jason would get through, but Manoah and Shane are deserving. Just as long as it's not Brock! (congrats happyblue on your BrockBlocking)

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    Quote Originally Posted by addikted
    (congrats happyblue on your BrockBlocking)
    Hee! I'd like to say I made a difference.

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