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Thread: 1/17/05 Show Discussion

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    1/17/05 Show Discussion

    Just in case the one or two of you would like to discuss this weeks show...
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    lol Better late then never. I was watching last night and already they have people there acting up for the camera as far as i can see, and i don't mean the employees i mean the guests.
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    I saw some of it.....pretty interesting.

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    January 17th eppie

    Hello all!

    I'm not the biggest fan of reality tv because I'm a writer(well, I'd like to be paid for my publications) and I think we're long overdue for a decent tv show that's well written. OK, off the soap box, but I personally enjoyed Caesars. I have yet to visit Vegas and this gives me a sneak preview of where I'd end up going since every one I know has been to Caesars and highly recommends Caesars, but I'm more into the Renaissance so I'd probably end up at Excalibur(is it still around? Hmmm...) I haven't had the chance to see American Casino as I keep missing it and have no idea when it's on(by the way, anyone know when they rerun Caesars? Please let me know) and I happened upon Caesars and it was...interesting. The fact that a woman can do anything she wants to do, even if it's dancing behind a screen to give the allusion of nudity and...she isn't, AND is getting paid is fantastic. Good for her! Hey, work it, Brandy! OK...

    Also, the way the casino manager was waiting on that high roller; whew! It was as if the president was in town. Kinda reminded me of an episode of The Sopranos sans killings and mixed w/the movie "The Remains of the Day." I was waiting to hear (ala Darth Vadar) "as you wish..." I dunno, just me I guess...

    By the by, regarding the couple from Mexico to see Alejandro Fernandez(you know who I mean; :phhht the rude and ignorant chick with that circa 1983 Cyndi Lauper Easter egg pink hair going on)? Well, was it me or didn't her boyfriend Juan look like Harry Potter? Cute! Ahem...sorry...I'll behave..

    ...a little...

    I'll keep watching! And posting!
    Take care, all!

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