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Thread: The Players: Jim Hogan, Caesar

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    The Players: Jim Hogan, Caesar


    When you first meet Jim, you're drawn to his strong voice and statuesque physique. He was once a world-class dancer who performed on stages all over the world, but a knee injury forced him to seek a new line of work-as Caesars' "Caesar." For three years, Jim has walked the floors of the 80-acre Palace greeting guests, posing for photographs, and presiding over weddings and special events. He admits that the one of the challenges of the job is dealing with extremely forward women on the floor who often ask what's under his skirt-and sometimes try to sneak a peek for themselves.

    Looking ahead, Jim wants to become a Justice of the Peace so that interested guests can have Caesar officiate their weddings at one of the resort's five chapels.

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    Definitely looks like an interesting man that's for sure.
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    He is really into his role.

    I'll bet he likes movies with gladiators.
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