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Thread: The Players: Hina Reed, Slots Queen

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    The Players: Hina Reed, Slots Queen


    Official Title: Director of Slot Development

    The oldest of twenty-two children, Hina came to the States from Tahiti to live the American dream. She entered the casino industry only five years ago as a training manager and was quickly promoted to her current job as Director of Slots Development at Caesars Palace, where her day-to-day duties include dealing with guest disputes and overseeing a staff of one hundred employees.

    Hina loves to Polynesian dance, is active as a volunteer at HIV/AIDS functions, and enjoys taking care of her husband's triplet grandchildren. Her current dream is to see the younger of her two sons get recruited by a major university on a football scholarship.

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    The oldest of twenty-two children
    GAH! That's all I can say, holy clamoli what a HUGE family!

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    22 children... twenty-two children... 2 and 2... wow.
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