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Thread: The Players: Valentino Crespo, Master Butler

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    The Players: Valentino Crespo, Master Butler


    Official Title: Director of Butler Department

    The only butler to have ever received a contract in Las Vegas, Valentino is the perfect servant. Three years ago, he was working for kings and queens, but Caesars Palace sent their former President to woo him into a quite different line of work. Valentino has redefined high roller service, giving the casino's wealthy clients a treatment once reserved for royalty. Under his tenure, Caesars' typical 52 complaints a week dwindled to zero. Valentino takes pride in his unusual job, because, as he says, "The best was created here."

    Valentino was taught the dying art of being a butler by his father when he was a young boy in Puerto Rico, and he has been studying ever since. He is a champion ballroom dancer and has danced with Fred Astaire. He was taught to cook by the best chefs in the world and has prepared dinner parties for Oprah. He has hand-warmed the beds of America's last five presidents and ironed Michael Jordan's newspaper. To perfect his skills, he even spent seven months studying the art of shoe polishing.

    His self-effacement is so complete that once, when a VIP was so upset about his gambling losses that he spit in Valentino's eye, the butler promptly answered, "My Lord, after losing 2 million dollars you deserve to kick me in the butt." The man was embarrassed, hugged Valentino, and left a $10,000 tip for the department.

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    I'm interested to see him in action, if nothing else just to see how the other half lives that actually gets butler service. And he danced with Fred Astaire? How cool!

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    Now this guy is either a total geek, or he will be turn out to be the coolest person on the show. Not sure which.
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