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Thread: The Players: Joe Comastro, Pit Boss

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    The Players: Joe Comastro, Pit Boss


    Official Title: Floor Supervisor

    Joe was born in Chicago and aspired to be a football player until an on-field injury left him with a broken leg. His NFL hopes dashed, he turned to his only remaining interest-Las Vegas. In 1975, he packed everything he owned into one suitcase and headed West. Though friends and family said he'd never survive in "Sin City," nearly 30 years later Joe has risen from lowly dealer to Floor Supervisor of one of the greatest casinos in the world. He is currently thinking about proposing to the woman who will be his third (and final, he swears) wife. Joe boasts that his second marriage had the fastest divorce in the history of Las Vegas, having been filed at 4:55pm, just before closing, and finalized by five after nine the next day.

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    Okay, he is straight out of Sopranos casting.
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