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Thread: What Will This Show Do To Their Careers?

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    What Will This Show Do To Their Careers?

    I want to get your opinion on how this show will help or hurt Kevin and Britney's career.

    Since didn't many people watch the show, I think if Britney went away for a long time and cleaned herself up, this show wouldn't hurt her career much because we can see she's in a very very low point in her life.

    Kevin will never have a career in anything. America opinion of him was already low but this show hurt him and did the exact opposite of what the producers wanted it to do.

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    I have just watched my very first episode of Chaotic (have no idea which one it was tho) and I'm sorry....this show is nothing but a trainwreck and we're just watching to see what it'll look like after it wrecks! WTH is up with them???? Britney is a beautiful woman and Kevin isn't a bad looking guy but they both come across (to me) as skanky and rather trashy..........I don't know...I think tonight was my first and last time to watch that show!
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    This will absolutely ruin Kevin's future career. Everyone can see what an [mod edit] this guy is and what a sleaze-ball he is... ewww I can't even think of him without thinking "ewwww...."
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    I can't believe we are wasting John's bandwidth on this show. Close this thread PLEASE!!!!

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