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Thread: 06/07 Episode Discussion - *Spoilers*

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    I accidentally watched this show for the very first time today and I've come to the conclusion that this show's title should be changed to "Pathetic".

    First of all Kevin Bummerline needs to trim his disgusting nose hair. Second can I just say that Kevin Bummerline is a genius? He said something like "She's the girl of my dreams, she's sweet, down to earth...and I'm sure in his head he's thinking most of all SHE'S RICH!
    And Britney should not sing LIVE EVER! She should just stick to lipsynching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2Kevbug11
    Now, she looks cheap, trashy, and DIRTY. Man, her skin looks absolutely terrible on those close up shots!

    She looks dirty to me now in almost every shot. I don't want her on my wall anymore.

    In a way, it's sad. She's a part of my hormone-filled teen years and now she kind of looks like she should be the poster boy for VD or something.
    I don't think Christina is ready to give up the throne.

    It is sad. And this is what Bratney wants ?

    a drastic rebellion against her years as a Muskrateer........

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    I haven't watched the show since the first episode -- but in a sick way I'm kind of happy with the way it turned out. I never paid much attention to Britney anyway -- never had anything against her; but I like to see her flaws. I remember a reality show -- I'm not certain what it was -- where this guy found flaws in every woman he dated no matter how pretty she was. He said he would not be satisfied with any woman except Britney Spears -- as she is the most perfect woman in the world. Of course I thought he was a moron. The thing is this show makes me laugh at all the guys and girls who worship Brtiney for her "beauty" and "sexiness" -- now they can see just how much of that is manufactured. I couldn't imagine anyone thinking that Britney is the most perfect woman now. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against Britney Spears -- I do enjoy some of her performances. I'm just happy to see a lot of people getting a reality check on her.

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    My favorite line ever... "Any of you guys feeling lucky?" as she talks to her fans on tour and then says "Well if you're really lucky, maybe I'll marry you!" LOL... maybe she thought it was cute to say about Kevin, but oh it's so much more funny to me..
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