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Thread: 5/24 Show Discussion

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    5/24 Show Discussion

    I am surprised nobody started a thread on this episode.

    Anyway we first see Britney lip-syncing in concert and being nervous that Kevin is there. Britney amits to liking Kevin. Mo and Tony, her bodyguards, don't like Kevin at all. We even see one of them chocking Kevin. We see more clips of Britney lip-snycing. If I were her I would refrain from showing any clips of her concert. We hear about Kevin's troubled past. He was moving between his mother and father. Britney has heard that Brad & Jen broke up and that Brad is now waiting for her. We see them being goofy on camera, that to them means playing on tables. Britney crying about flying. She is really freaked out, and it is quite funny. More lip-syncing. Britney and Kevin making out. They talk about love and Britney gets a weird grin.

    THE END!

    Next week: Britney is rejected when she says 'I love you.' She pushes away and they have a deep conversation.

    Basically this whole show was green because they had to use nightvision.

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    i watched the 5/24 epi, but there's such a lack of substance that it's difficult to discuss. granted, i was uncomfortable when they filmed their kiss (as she smacked on her gum). having the camera that close to their faces, with her mouth parted and tongue have hanging out.... just ewwwwwww.

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