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Thread: Shar Jackson

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    Re: Shar Jackson

    Britney probably knew and I think thats why Karma came back to haunt her (look what happen- divorced with TWO Kids, just like Shar)...it doesn't even matter really though.

    The person who really is MOST to blame here is Kevin, all in all...not Shar, not Britney. Despite, the he-said, she-said rumors of how really everything started.

    Kevin is a dead-beat dad, 1stly. He doesnt have a job, he goes after women in the industry just to use them for their money and doesnt mind knocking them up (and using their kids) as a way to stay in their lives. Thats pretty shallow and weak.

    Britney should of known better, the minute she found out about Shar's pregnacy (whether or not he said they werent together) she should of cooled it, and stopped the relationship then. How can someone be in a relationship with a man who has a baby on the way? That's not even possible, because its wrong...he obviously JUST got out of the relationship if he wasn't still in it to begin with. He's not ready to show you the right devotion, unless its for the wrong reasons (duh, your MONEY!).

    Britney got what she deserved...now she has two kids and is not with the father (like Shar had to deal with unfairly). And, Kev just took Brit's money and ran (like he was feeding off of Shar)...he's even hanging with Paris Hilton now and days...I mean he's just no good.

    Shar, I think got the best end of the stick, because she doesnt look like she did anything wrong in this whole situation and she got a worthless man out of her life. She can now go on to bigger and better things. And, ironically enough although Kevin never got a job, his quick marriage with Britney (and with the possiblity with winning custody of their children due to all her dramatic, crazy acts)...he has came up on some cash so that he can finally pay child support to Shar. *Note- Britney gave Kev some millions in their split/divorce and he is now fighting for custody of their two boys, and has a pretty good chance of winning, unfortunately for the children because I don't think Britney deserves to lose her kids esp not to him.*

    But still, I know Shar, and her and Kev's children are taken care of, due to Kevin's bullcrap and devious affair with Britney. So, ironically enough...I guess when he went out for "job auditions" and decided to cheat...he came back with the exact thing Shar needed...a break from him, and the money for their children! And, Britney learned the hard way that being with a man who has a pregnant girlfriend of 6-months only leaves you with a divorce, two kids and a whole lotta pain.
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