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Thread: 5/17 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Lab Eating Man agamergirl's Avatar
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    I'm not going to watch but I will enjoy reading the recaps when they're put up. Sounds like I didn't miss much, though. I can see trailer trash in real life by going to the local Wal Mart. Don't need to waste an hour watching it on TV.
    "I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye." Dr. Who (10th doctor and my favorite)

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    Is this thing on? AmyKay's Avatar
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    Well, Brit is known to say herself that shes a big dork, and I think that was proved in this show....

    It was like a bad accident, I couldnt turn away from it. I have to say though, I really cant believe they put so much lip-sincing concert footage in. Hasnt she always claimed to sing live? We all KNEW she didnt, but come on. This was a chance to show otherwise. Oh well.

    Kevin was living with a "roommate"?!? found that funny! And I agree with the person who said Brit was only married for like 5 minutes, she has NO authority on the issue!

    I probably will watch this all season. For me it proves that she IS real...flaws and all

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    FORT Freak laura302's Avatar
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    I watched because nothing else was on, it was kind of strange . The recap should be better I can't wait.

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    This show was just horrible, I watched for about a half hour then I just tuned it out. Britney and Kevin are not very smart and now they have a TV show to display this trait to everyone. I am not sure if I can watch this show anymore, it was just not good.

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    Reality tv fan
    This show was a mess....all I saw was goofy faces, and the jerking around of the home camera

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    I watched about 20 minutes of this show. I got bored and told my husband he could turn to the basketball game. It was just blah!!!!!! Big snooze fest. I didn't enjoy it at all. The worst part was her walking around with that stupid camera the whole time.

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    Does anyone know the ratings of the show last night?

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    i've not heard, laura, but my guess is that went down in the second half hour. i know that's when i paused it and went and cleaned the kitchen. i can only take about a half hour at a time.

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    I lasted for three whole minutes. This show is unwatchable... and my standards are pretty low.

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    So I watched about 20 minutes or so of it and just couldn't take it anymore. It just seemed way too self absorbed and the girl can not frame a shot with that camera to save herself. It would be much better if we saw more then her mouth or nose in one shot. It gave me a headache looking at the camera move so much. Good luck to them but I just think they are kids and just haven't grown up yet. I am sure it is even harder to grow up and experience life for her but I mean really, come on. I just hope she wakes up and learns something from life. It was a little sad and I almost pity them. Stress on the almost.

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