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    Gretchen Bonaduce

    Gretchen Bonaduce

    Although born in Waukegan, Illinois, Gretchen doesn't call any one place home. She has moved around from Illinois, to Germany, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Arizona. The daughter of a nuclear engineer and a homemaker, Gretchen studied travel and tourism at Lamson Business College in Arizona. Gretchen has held a myriad of jobs ranging from working at "The Funny Firm" comedy club in Chicago, to renting out cars, to booking psychics on radio stations in Phoenix. It was in the latter job where she was set up on a blind date with future husband, Danny Bonaduce who was working at the local radio station, Power 92 KKFR. Seven hours into their first date, the couple wed and has been married for 16 years.

    In addition to being Danny's manager, Gretchen is a devoted mother to their two children, Countess Isabella (age 12) and Count Dante (age 5). Gretchen also has two brothers, Kurt and Derek. She is currently working on an independent film about Derek's experience in Iraq and her Uncle's WWII experience. Additionally, Gretchen is working on a film about her life.

    Singing has always been a passion of Gretchen's. Growing up, she sang in both her school and church choirs. She has been the lead singer of several bands and is currently performing with the MuddFlaps and Anhkesenamun around Southern California. Gretchen promotes women through her music by performing at events such as "Chick Singers Night" at the Derby in Hollywood. She once shot a pilot for ABC's Soap Network titled Soap Talk which got picked up by the channel. She has appeared on several television shows including Oprah, Phil Donahue, The Other Half, and VH1's Behind the Music and Partridge Family.

    In the Summer of 2006, Gretchen launched her rock inspired clothing line, Countess Couture (www.bonaduce.biz). Also in 2006, Gretchen and her singing were filmed for the upcoming documentary, Momz that Rock.

    She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Danny and their two children, Isabella, 12, and Dante, 5.
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