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Thread: Breaking Bonaduce (VH1)

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    30 seconds isn't worth taking your clothes off for.
    Another indicator of his basic selfishness. That to me seems like the main problem in the marriage - aside from his obvious personal problems like drinking/drugging... although one could say that makes someone even more selfish in itself. The main problems all trace back to his focus being on himself. What does he ask himself regarding 'how can I make Gretchen happy'? 30 seconds sure ain't it...

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    My impression was that he was saying only 30 seconds because he knows Gretchen is "too evolved" for sex now, so he didn't want to prolong it for her. The implication being that if she was actually into it, it would be much longer with both of them participating and enjoying themselves.

    If her evolution beyond the need for sex is a defense mechanism because of Danny's infidelity and mistreatment of her, that might make more sense, because an ideal marriage doesn't evolve away from sex and intimacy.

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    It just seems to me Gretchen had no interest in sex, even before Danny strayed.
    Yes now that he admitted he cheated she should be concerned about him
    getting some stds and transmitting them to her.....

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    I'm agreeing with you both, but I disagree with teh idea that if she's not into sex, prodding her like a battering ram for 30 seconds without a shred of warmup or enjoyment or caring or gentleness for her sake, is going to improve things. She doubtless is missing most the caring and considerate aspect of things. That seems to be what she keeps coming back to - he's not there for her. He's not been there, period.

    That plus, she's still ticked about the affair and is gonna let him twist in the wind a little while. Not quite on purpose, but she's not gonna go out of her way to put herself second or pretend quite as much things are OK any more, either. She's "had it" - which for a lot of people would mean divorce or her own affair but for her means "I'm going to do one thing I like, and I'm not gonna have sex any more cos it wasn't good anyway." Oh and the fake doctor thing.

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    The relationship was likely in major trouble before the affair even happened.
    The affair was like a spotlight that showed the large holes in the relationship like a symptom of the sickness.
    When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

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    A lot of this stuff plays while I am online or just reading or whatever, if I want some 'noise' I let it play while it tapes. So I miss little bits of it sometimes if the TiVo didn't start right on time. Playing live, I catch those bits the 2nd time around.

    One of the episodes just played again and it started with Danny in the shrink's office. The guy quite reasonably IMO, asks Danny the (IMO) rage-a-holic to go to anger management classes.

    Danny rather arrogantly (surprise surprise?) declares he will not even consider it. Ok, game over. He is NOT there for help. Attention, pacifying/controlling/fooling his wife, showing off, but NOT for help. It's like he's bragging.

    Just what is there to be proud of, Mr Bonaduce??

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    I thought another revealing scene was in the last episode when he grabbed his wife's face and told her how much he loves her. When she didn't respond just the way he wanted her to, he gets up and leaves although not before throwing another tantrum at the doctor/therapist. I can understand why he would have been disappointed in her response but if he's there to get help then he needs to sit and work on it. It seems that whatever the situation, things have to be done on his terms and that's a problem. Thanks

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    Just saw the suicide episode (never saw the show before) and I was struck by their luxury home and Gretchen's extensive wardrobe/closet. Now since this was my first time, maybe I'm mistaken about their surroundings and they're really not living as well as it seemed at first glance. But, how are they managing to live a (seemingly) celebrity lifestyle in such an expensive area? How much could he make as a radio dj (unless his show is syndicated and huge)? The last time I've seen him work was that short-lived show with Mario Lopez and Dick Clark. I seriously doubt that after a lifetime of drugging and boozing he has any of that PF money left (especially if he mentioned doing this show for the cash). I don't get where the money's coming from.

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    Radio DJs make a lot out here. Also, they've been out here for a while. A lot of people who bought a home just before the real estate boom also made money that way. And/or they traded up. A house like that if you bought it at the right time, wouldn't be completely out of bounds for all but oil sheiks

    I think one thing he does do 'right' is make money. He always seems to find good work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy
    I think one thing he does do 'right' is make money. He always seems to find good work.
    He was fired from his radio station in June 2005. I haven't seen or heard any news that he's got a new job. He's on a downward spiral. No doubt the home will go next. I just hope he's not proud of his lifestyle. He's so arrogant, even when it's evident (to me at least) that he loves his wife/kids (he just does not know how to be unselfish or unabusive about it). He's bound to fall further. Unfortunately, he'll take Gretchen and the kids with him, even if she leaves him. They do love him...so they're going to be affected by his falls.

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