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Thread: Breaking Bonaduce (VH1)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy
    chris - LOL - now here's the shocker!

    We were all once married to Danny!

    :cue Halloween horror music:
    NOOOOOO!!!!! WHYY!!!!!!

    You wanna know something just as scary? My mom is like Gretchen.

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    LOL Chris...

    I feel a horror series coming on...

    Bride(s) of Danny, Groom(s) of Gretchen??

    Parts one and two. hehe

    Or - Gretchen - starring in: Bride of Frankenfried.

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    Anyone catch Danny tonight on the "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson"?

    Danny didn't sound real positive about a second season of the show; his first reason being that "my wife hates me now" and that while he thought "Rebuilding Bonaduce" would be a good theme for a second season, he really doesn't think that he's broken.


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    Hmm. No I missed that. Had an early night. The site here was down anyway LOL

    They should do a second season maybe. I agree he has not hit bottom yet either. He is still too much in control. Plus nothing in his life has really changed that much. People usually have to lose something big before they hit bottom.

    Btw he was on this show today called 80s Child Stars. It occured to me, this guy is so articulate, why did he need to cut himself "to make a point"?

    PS I was kidding I was never married to a "Danny". But I'm sure most of us have dated someone who's got 'issues'.

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    This must've been a second appearance. He was on CF a few weeks ago, but I don't remember him saying anything about Gretchen hating him or a second season.

    I agree, he's extremely articulate. He's a very gifted man and has a lot of charisma. It's a shame he's blowing it this way.

    I probably dated a few, but my main experience was I was raised by one. One of the things that particularly struck me about his last CF appearance was he said he wasn't a mean drunk, that all the awful stuff he did, he protected his kids from. I thought, "Geez, you cut your wrists, and even if your one kid is too little to understand, the other one is old enough to figure things out, and whatever you think it is VERY cruel and controlling to do stuff like that to manipulate other people."


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    Quote Originally Posted by LKH View Post
    ...he said he wasn't a mean drunk, that all the awful stuff he did, he protected his kids from...
    I think it is very hard for kids when they to know that something is wrong and feel that everyone is keeping them in the dark.
    This is gonna cause major trust problems for the kids.
    (Mostly Isabella so far because she is older and more aware that something is wrong).
    Maybe this is how Gretchen got all messed up.
    If she grew up like this then she would have trust issues and would be more likely to stick around??????
    Who knows! Maybe someone (like the shrink, could ask her some questions).

    Quote Originally Posted by LKH View Post
    ...it is VERY cruel and controlling to do stuff like that to manipulate other people...
    My best friend cut her wrists in front of me. I tried to stop her but I couldn't.
    I told her flat out, "You can kill yourself but you can't make me watch" and I walked away.
    She came after me crying and I got her help.
    I don't know if that would have worked with Danny but it was sure worked out in my situation.
    When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nike7 View Post
    This is gonna cause major trust problems for the kids.
    (Mostly Isabella so far because she is older and more aware that something is wrong).
    Isabella is gonna grow up to be like Adrienne.

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    I had a good friend who was clinically depressed years ago. Severely debilitated - couldn't keep a job, lived with his parents, etc. Whenever they would start pressuring him to get a job and move out, he'd start talking about suicide. It hit me one day that he was doing this stuff to make everyone walk on eggshells and let him have his way. After that, I stopped allowing him to get away with some things, and noticed that he kept upping the ante. Eventually, I had to walk away from the friendship to keep my own sanity. I learned later this evidently motivated him to actually start making positive changes.

    Most people who have these kinds of problems do need to "hit bottom," and if the wife and kids are still around putting up with the nonsense, they may not ever feel they've done that. I would love to see this marriage make it, but he has got to make some major changes if he wants a healthy family.


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    Marathon today with all the episodes running in sequence, then a new episode (the season finale...)
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    I watched some of it again. It kills me that the kids were begging Gretchen to stay and tell Danny she loved him for fear something would happen if she didn't. They're buying into his nonsense that everything would be hunky dory if she'd just dance to his tune. I can just see, if she leaves him and he does something even more self-destructive, the kids will likely blame her.

    He swears up and down they are protecting the kids from all this, but clearly they are quite aware of a lot of what's happening, and clearly, they are being harmed by it.

    I also thought the shrink had a great insight when he said some people who are abused turn their anger out and become abusers, while others turn it inward and continue abusing themselves. Danny doesn't have a clue how to take care of himself, or live a sane, sensible life. He does things that seem actually CALCULATED to sabotage his marriage and make Gretchen leave him.

    He also is correct that the man is probably a genius, IQ-wise. Some of the dumbest people I know are geniuses (genii?). Something about all those smarts, and possibly the alone-ness that comes with it because you're always several steps ahead of others figuring things out, seems to kind of cripple people socially.


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