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Thread: Breaking Bonaduce (VH1)

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    I knew Danny wasn't going to get any when she said she didn't shave her legs too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WakkaDakka
    I knew Danny wasn't going to get any when she said she didn't shave her legs too.
    I bet she hasn't shave for years. If she ever took her clothes off, Danny would see Carrot Top. *shutters* No but really, no wonder Danny was talking about cheating on the next ep. I mean, he went thru rehab and got off of drugs and alcohol for Gretchen, and she still won't give him any. Not even a pity sex. heh heh!!

    He's probably thinking, "If I tried this hard, and still not getting any, no matter what I do, I'll never get any from her." So basically he is thinking now that this isn't really his fault that there's no sex, it's Gretchen that has major issues, so this will give him validation to cheat. He's probably thinking, "Well, I went thru 30 day rehab, and since she ain't giving me back anything in return, I deserve to get it somewhere else."

    And even though he gets caught, he figures he can just go into rehab again and Gretchen will continue to stay. Whether he gets some or not, she will most likely stay, so might as well get some.

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    I felt she was reaaaaally cold and icy to him. Why doesn't the 'therapist' call her on her punitive, passive aggressive, narcissistic behavior? She's cold to Isabella (even competitive, weirdly enough), she is cold to Danny especially. The rest of the time she plays martyr.

    No matter what, she could have at LEAST snuggled up with him or something once he got home - he did what was asked of him... at some point she needs to forgive him (she's always talking about Christian values isnt she?) and start with a CLEAN slate.

    If she didn't want to jump right back into sex after all that's happened, what's wrong with a cuddle? And I thought it was very mean to "House Beautiful" the bathroom with petals in the tub, but when her husband asked her to get in there with him she looked like she wanted to vomit. I think she literally shuddered.

    And poor little Dante heard his dad saying "I don't want to take a bath with Dante!" Poor kid. BOTH his parents need help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris56789
    So basically he is thinking now that this isn't really his fault that there's no sex, it's Gretchen that has major issues, so this will give him validation to cheat.
    it can't be cheating if he isn't getting it at home. So in my eye he is going out to get whats availible to him she has no one to blame if he strays cause she isn't doing anything to keep him happy at home.

    agree with the rose petals in the tub post. that was just plain mean.
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    Oh, I think it's still cheating! Cos they are still married. BUT realistically, if she's telling him she never wants to go near him again - even, it seems for affection... then what does she expect?! Why does he put up with it, either? He doesn't seem to be as attached to 'the money' as she is (I'm sure she'd get every penny in a split). And why does she stay? Just for the money and the house and being Mrs. Used To Be? She can't seem to stand him!

    I read on 'that other board', that he's been saying she hasn't touched him since Isabella, other than trying to conceive Dante, then she went away from him again. If that's true, she's looking worse and worse. It isn't as if she is ill or anything. (That's why I say it's still cheating as long as they're married: But I'm thinking more of enforced separations like illness or such.) She's choosing to freeze him out. He's an admitted sex addict. She has to know how much she's torturing him. Does some part of him like how she treats him? Cos he keeps staying. It's like he thinks as badly of himself as she treats him. Bad as he seems, at least he's not a cyborg!

    They say they don't watch the show. I wish they would - I'd like to know if they see what we see.

    I just don't get it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy
    And why does she stay?
    Maybe now that she sees Danny cleaned up, her leaving him makes her look like the bad person now. She'd have a better chance of getting most of the stuff in a divorce if Danny was the alcoholic, drug abuser like he used to be. Now she doesn't have much to use against him.

    I think she feels she can get away with pushing Danny away just enough so she don't have to sleep with him, but have everything else. And Danny makes it clear what he wants, but she still refuses. It's funny looking at the repulsive, nautious look on her face when Danny wants sex. It's like she's horrified.

    And what's up with all the hot looking busty models in the gym? It's like only a few people in the gym, and it's a very hot lady. Heh heh!! I mean come on, vh1 is purposely sending in those women to bait Danny. There is ONE girl working out on the bench area, and it juuuuuust so happen to be someone that could be in Playboy. Yyyaahhhh riiiiiggghhhhtt. SET UP!!

    I love how Danny walked away after he gave her his number. He walked away with this smug gleefull look on his face just like I remember little Danny on the partridge family had after making a joke in a scene and then walking away. Brought back memories.

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    Fire the shrink!
    He is just telling them that Gretchen is the way she is (anti sex) and acting like there is nothing that can be done about it.
    Why doesn't he try to help her over come her dislike of sex?
    Does she have some sort of phobia or does she need to work through some issues and learn to be comfortable with Danny?

    Dante seems to float around the cracks of this family.
    Isabella is clearly the favorite of Danny.
    Gretchen seems unaware of the kids most of the time.
    I think Isabella likes the way her dad talks to her like a grown up.
    He ways inappropriate things to her and her mother talks down to her.

    In the radio interview (the link was posted one page back)
    Danny says that he and his wife were in counseling but the counselor wouldn't do the show so they got some guy with no morals to do it.

    I wish they would really get some help. At least to the sake of the kids.
    When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

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    Here's what's weird (ok, just one of many things). "Dr Garry" is a sex therapist! Or at least that's what the link said (it's on another page here). He counsels on men's erogenous zones.

    So - ITA on 'why isn't he counseling Gretchen and Danny about their sexual problems?'.

    He's a terrible therapist... He just seems to shrug at everything! First it's like he's saying only Danny is messed up. Gretchen gets a free pass. Now Gretchen gets the free pass and Danny is told "that's just how she is."

    ITA on Danny being inappropriate in front of Isabella. "This is just like lighting a crack pipe" or whatever he said. In front of his eight year old? I have a feeling both kids overhear inappropriate stuff all the time. Poor Dante hearing "I don't want to take a bath with Dante!" A kid that age will think all kinds of things from that.

    From what I understand, Gretchen had a wild past, and was 'recovering' or whatever from it and vowed to not have sex again until she was married. So sometimes the wild ones that 'reform' are the frostiest of all - like a former smoker who now lectures others about it etc. Or how it used to be when people smoked I don't know if that is the case with her, but there does seem to be an issue there!

    Chris I agree that the busty Playboy type at the gym was a total setup. I wonder whether Danny would be hitting on her even more if the cameras weren't there? OR would he ignore her... I kinda get the feeling he likes the way Gretchen is cold to him in a masochistic way... As if he doesn't really want to be sex addict Danny anyway - so he keeps her around to keep him in line. When he said "Well if I die on the freeway my wife marries an accountant and everyone's happy" that was really disturbing. The thing they have in common the most is they both think zero of Danny.

    Sorry this was so long. This show... disturbs me. And what's up with Gretchen's hats... and her Arizona cowgirl style? She's lived in L.A. a long time now. Cowgirl hats are so eighties!

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    Heh heh!! I always seem to learn or notice more things reading your guys posts!! Brandy, nice assessment once again!!

    You know what I love about Danny though...

    Some of his alpha male qualities. I think most males want to be assertive and just says what's on their mind like Danny does, but most will hold back and just go with the flow. I think we focus mainly on Danny's negative qualities because, well, it's more fun to poke at another person's negative aspects.

    I actually inducted some of the so-called good qualities I think that Danny has in my life and guess what? It actually gets results. I try to be a bit more assertive when I go to the doctors, dentists, eye doctors or places with strangers, etc etc, and be a little more open about how I feel about things, too, and WOW, people seem to pay attention more.

    It's like the more expressive you are and say spontaneous things off the cuff, people seem more interested in you.

    There are aspects of Danny that made him into a radio personality and so engaging to watch. I just take the positives out of him and just leave the negatives back, like the drug/drunkeness/aggressiveness and WHAM, you got a pretty amazing personality!!

    Ofcourse, it's the drug/drunkeness/aggreassiveness makes the show more interesting(trainwreck) than it is, soooooooo gotta love it all.
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    "Dr. Garry" seems to either be intimidated by Gretchen, or else he is too worried about her liking him. There is something wrong with how all the concentration is on Danny (not that he doesn't need all that and then some) and very little is addressed with Gretchen. Of course, reality shows only show what they want to show, and maybe Gretchen is getting help too, either off-camera or on the cutting room floor. But so far there hasn't been any progress shown. She doesn't seem to make any attempt to be intimate with Danny in any way. No baby steps, no nothing. IIRC this began before he cheated on her.

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