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Thread: 8/24 Finale Show Discussion**SPOILERS**

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    8/24 Finale Show Discussion**SPOILERS**

    Please keep all discussion of tonight’s show in this thread only until 1:00 a.m. Eastern.
    Thanks and enjoy the show.
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    I was watching it and wanted to wait til the end. JADA JADA JADA, spolied rotten and her parents are all downcast that IT FAILED HER. They should look in the mirror.
    I do hope that all the kids that are doing well keep it up. Iasiah will learn his lesson after his trial..
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    I know! i mean, so jada doesnt get internet or her cell phone at bording school, so her parents TAKE HER OUT OF IT???? helloo?? did they not learn anything??? guess not. so..then her mom says she caught her daughter smoking pot 2 times...and has anything been done about it...???? get real parents!! and a teen had suffered minor injuries from her illegaly driving??? ugggg *sigh*
    with isaigha (spellcheck) i wasnt surprised he spraypainted. he has a good communication w/ his mom tho which is good.
    the person that i am most impressed w/ is heather. when she got home i thougth she would be the one that went back to normalcy to her. but she really got a grip on her life.
    does anyone know if you can buy bratcamp on dvd? or if they will reply it? b/c i missed the premier

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    Yes, the whole "I need my cell phone and internet [which I take to mean e-mail and instant messaging]" thing confuses me, too. (And just why do you need a cell phone in boarding school, again? Although, maybe it had nothing to do with cell phones or whatever--that could have been one big Jada-esque lie.)

    My sense is that the parents don't require Jada to truly toe the line in order to receive perks like a cell phone or Internet privileges. They may ask a few little changes of her, here and there, but I'll bet they're not consistent, especially Daddy.

    Now I'll grant that they realize she has a serious problem (which is more than my brother's ex-wife's parents did). But I think they are not willing to be as hard-nosed as they need to be to deal with her. I think that they're kind of "genteel" and that the tough-love thing is not what they had in mind for their little family and is difficult for them to feel comfortable with.

    So unfortunate.

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    Was not surprised by the results either. You know - during just about all of the reunions with the rest of the families, I was in tears, absolutely bawling... then when Jada reunited and did all of the ridiculous hysterical crying and screaming and falling down my tears suddenly stopped. She just feels absolutely no remorse. And during the graduation ceremony, the kids talked about how they had changed and how they appreciated their parents -- all Jada could say was "This was so hard on me, living outside for x days." .. okay.. what about everything else, "Robin"?

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    OMG I missed the finale!!! Is it going to be rebroadcast?? I am so mad at myself right now. I need to know what happend. Did Frank solve his anger problems? Did Derek try harder? Did Little Big Bear backhand Jada? These are questions I need answers to!!
    Really looking forward to the recap mrdobolina!

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    At first, I thought I was watching another rerun, and I had missed the finale. I had the identical reaction regarding the reunions with the parents, and felt the same disappointment that Jada fell immediately back into her manipulative behavior the minute she saw her parents. The counselors knew she was not ready to go back, so boarding school was the obvious halfway house for these kids. Jada could be the picture in the dictionary defining Brat. I missed one thing--did they go home after Christmas? I didn't see the campfire Christmas celebration. I was surprised at the before and after physical transformations of Heather, Lexie, and Lauren. They wear less make-up and look more serene and healthy. Isaiah, Shawn, and Frank really seemed to mature and become more respectful of the women in their lives. I am a little pessamistic about Derek and Nathan?, because they have several more years of school to get through with difficult learning situations. Derek's mom should benefit from the support group, but since Derek's problem may not be controlled by behavior modification alone, I feel he may have more problems.

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    I'm sure Jada's parents are pretty clueless to the fact that they are horrible parents. While she should certainly be held accountable for her actions (someone tell her parents that), having those parents is a huge obstacle to overcome in her life...the rest of which, she will spend leaching off other people and society.

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    o! forgot to include shawn!! he was the one i am most imprssed w/ his "transformation"

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