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Thread: 7/13 Show Discussion**SPOILERS** Season Premiere

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    I thought this show was very interesting. I grew up in a middle class family with 4 children and a stay-at-home mom. Each of us kids has a different personality. Our parents raised us all the same, but my younger sister had friends that got her into the kinds of things that some of these girls were getting into. The sex, the drugs, the lying, etc. It wasn't our parents fault that she was the way she was. It was a combination of her personality and the friends she hung around with. Luckily she straightened herself out without having to be sent away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CallieCutie
    During college I worked at a camp as a Health Director... and any camper, counselor, director couldn't use their real name. Just a camp tradition...
    My only problem with the "Earth Names" is this...just come up with one, cool, outdoorsy-style "earth name". Like Glacier...although it sounds like an American Gladiator name, just the one word is better than "Glacier Mountain Wolf". Bear, Raven, Windsong...whatever. One word names. Easy to remember, easy to say, doesn't make kids laugh and disrespect you.
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    Imagine a big tough counsellor was John Wayne and they called him "the Duke" --- used to sound tough, but kinda' has a whole different spin to it now ...

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    i love this show so much!

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