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Thread: Frank

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    I believe Frank is learning that anger is not the answer, because he appears to be keeping it in check and learning some patience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdobolina
    Every other word out of Franks mouth was "Whatever!", and it almost sounded like he had a Northern accent...like Minnesotan or Canadian. I just thought it was funny.
    first of all that is not fair to say it is Canaian, as i am canadian and i dont saywhatever at all, and as for his behavior, he has been alone with his mom and although he says that only manhe needs in his life is God i don't believe that 1 bit, i think he feels abandoned so he takes his fristration out because inside he is sensitive and i think he thinks that sensitive guys cover that emotion by being agressive, but i think when he helped Derek and he realized people will be proud if he helps someone not made fun he realized that he can be sensitive and not be made fun of it, because everyone on the show is emotional, All 9 of them (well 6 now cause Lexie, heather and Nick went home)

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    Frank is my favourite.

    I saw the finale, and he's cleaned up so well!
    I kinda think hes cute. And hes such a softy now I think it's just lovely.
    His mother is loving it!

    Jada's a total bitch!!

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    I think Frank is handsome.

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    Ok maybe Frank became too soft. When he said, "it's a lovely thing" I just cringed. But seriously, I'm pretty happy that he's doing well.

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    What impressed me the most, and what showed me that Frank maybe wasn't that bad to begin with, he had the makings of a great son was when he was reunited with his mother and one of the first things that he said was "I love you." My family never goes a day without saying "I Love You" to one another, and we never hang up the phone, leave the house, etc, without saying it. I think it's a massive sign of his respect and love for his mother, and it made me feel warm and gooshy inside.

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