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Thread: Heather

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    Quote Originally Posted by starlett View Post
    Being that her mother is a crackhead whos been in a coma for the last 12 years, It's very likely.

    Her Mother wasnt a crack head !! She was a herion addict. I know, She was my best friend growing up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jexter View Post
    I am a little worried about Heather leaving so soon. There were signs that would raise red flags for me:
    -When she called her bad-influence friends her "air"
    -A counselor's observation that she is the most closed-off of the group
    -Her unemotional talk to the empty chair
    -Her unemotional reunion with her aunt and uncle

    To me, she seems as if she is simply putting on an act so that she can go home. I don't think I ever recall seeing her cry. She has got to be experiencing tremendous emotional turmoil about her mother. I'm sure the camp had their reasons for believing she will do well. I hope they are right. Heather is adorable, and like all the kids, she has so much to contribute!

    I think Heathers lack of emotion when talking to the empty chair was normal considering her "Chair" was void of her mother since Heather was a little girl.
    I cried when i watched her talk to the chair, Her Mother was my best friend growing up, and Heather looks exactly like her .. I pray for Heather to take a different path then her mother,Karla.

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    Re: Heather

    I apologize for bringing an old thread up but I'm a friend of Heather and she's completely turned her life around. I'm proud of her

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