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Thread: Nick

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    14, Seattle, WA.

    Nick is a dyslexic teenager who is constantly fighting with his family.
    Not only does he disrespect his father and yell obscenities at his mother, he once even pulled a knife on his twin brother.
    Unable to deal with Nick's relentless anger issues any longer, his parents made the decision to send him to SageWalk

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    Maybe if they were to deal with the dyslexia, if in fact he has it, things might change.
    I have known people that use dyslexia and ADD as excuses for bad behaviour.

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    Growing up, there were a total of 5 of us kids. If we were sent to camp every time we drew a knife on each other..we'd never know life outside of SageWalk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Growing up, there were a total of 5 of us kids. If we were sent to camp every time we drew a knife on each other..we'd never know life outside of SageWalk.
    My sentiments exactly. OOH! He pulled a knife on his brother. He's so "bad". Big DEAL. When I was growing up with my younger brother, I not only pulled out knives on him frequently, but I actually nicked him in the throat one time. (I didn't even get in trouble. I told him that if he squealed, I'd do more than nick him next time )These parents have no sense of reality. He does not deserve to be here.

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    Compared to some of the other kids,Nick is an angel.I think he needs a tutor to help him with his dyslexia and perhaps a visit to a psychiatrist,but Sagewalk?seems a little extreme to me.......but if his parents are as hysterically uptight as I think they are,this will be a much needed vacation for young Nick.
    Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

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    I'm just thinking.. weapons.. ack. A 14 year old that would even think that it's okay to pick up a knife and run after his brother with it (even if it was jokingly) needs a serious reality check from his parents.

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    It was so painful watching him not be able to do simple division last night. I thought it was touching when he admitted he'd practiced reading his letter several times outloud so that he wouldn't sound stupid. This is a kid in need of serious self esteem. When he couldn't get his fire started for the longest time, it was painful to watch. The look on his face when he finally succeeded was great. Nick needs to find something that he is better at than his twin so he can have his own area to shine in.

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    I know, I felt bad for him He's such a cute kid!!! and yes, I think part of the knife thing was his twin brother's fault too. he said how his brother called him stupid, which isn't really helping his dyslexia. but im proud of what he did last night!

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    When they told him to celebrate that was great.
    "Nick made fire!"

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    I live in Houston and my twin nephews both have dyslexia. Their public school they attend helped diagnose the problem AND has helped them "learn around" their disability. They stay an hour or so after school two days a week with a diagnostician who helps them w/ homework and tricks (their word) to learn what most kids learn from just class participation.

    I just wonder if maybe their school system is smaller and/or less able to afford such a service.

    Dyslexia doesn't have to be a liability. Bill Cosby has written extensively about his son who, once correctly diagnosed and treated, was a great student. He even incorporated it into his television series to let people know its a problem with a solution.
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