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Thread: Nick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahlenrules
    Its really a shame he doesn't live in Canada. Don't you think krazy4kalan7?
    He is so cute!
    Oh yes i know! Why does he have to live in the US What a Cutie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by famita
    I think this show was great for Nick-he shouldn't have been here. Although I don't condone knife wielding, his brother should have been here for bullying. Sometime you have to look at the underlying problems/conditions before finding the solution.
    I think a lot of those kids didn't really belong there, I think some of the parents were just melodramatic, as parenting has become so much worse these days. Nick, Derek and Lexie, among a couple of others didn't really belong there, if anything, they belonged in counseling, but a boot camp was a little overzealous.

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    He lives in seattle, thats where i live also. Oh and im new, my name is andie i love to watch the show.

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