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Thread: Lauren

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    Yeah she is really trying to help and I think she may go home before Christmas. Same with Nick and maybe Derek, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nilesgirl
    Okay, I'll ask in here. Does anyone know the song that was playing while Lauren was remembering her dad? Some of the words were Can I hold on tight to the memory of you and I? I'd like to find out the artist and title of the song. It was so beautiful. I have to admit I sobbed like a baby last night. As I posted in another thread, I lost my own dad 16 years ago and while I'm not a teen, I know what it's like. I still have a hard time when the anniversary rolls around. The anniversary just passed on the 11th. I can so relate to what Lauren is going through.
    Not sure if someone already posted this... but I think the song is Hold On Tight by Rie Sinclair...

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    i feel so horrible for her

    i hope she gets better soon

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    i like her better than lexie

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    I think a lot of people like Lauren better than Lexie because Lauren still has some will and personality left. Lexie has been completely drained of whatever self respect, confidence and self esteem that she ever had, and I'm hoping, with her decision to take up horseback riding again, she'll start to heal up and show herself again.

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    [FONT=Century Gothic]lauren is one of my favorites in the show. I think that she is very mature like nick. She's a true natural born leader.
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    oh my gosh i live lauren she is my favourite and she is so encouraging for nick when he was reading, on their hikes she is always in the front and obviosuly she is a natural boarn leader because for 6 years it has just been her and her mom and it is realy hard... in one of the first episodes everytime derek would speak (because he is the youngest) Frank would shoult him down and tell him the stuff he said is useless and everybody just let him but not lauren she stuck up for him and i think in turn that is what made Frank help Derek in teh lter episodes...and she is alot like me-in some ways. Althought i still have my dad and i love him with all my heart and i am not a drug user but just her attitude is like mine, if i was there i would stick up for derek and i would be mad when someone needs help and noone is... and because of this i am often in trouble because i will gte mad and yell or retaliate when i see something happening that shouln't be. And i don't care what people say that is the way it should be, everyone looking out for everybody!

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