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Thread: Lauren

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    I think this girl has so far to go in life I really hope this does something for her. She is so funny, refreshing and interesting. Lauren I hope you go far in life.
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    I like Lauren, she's really take charge - aggressive but not in the same way that Frank is, that's what I've found. She seems intent on what she does, which may be a downfall if she were to get into any extremely destructive behaviour.

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    I feel bad for this girl,I can't imagine what it it would be like to lose a parent,and especially at her tender age.I don't think she is bad,she is just severely depressed and hasn't had an outlet for her depression.
    Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

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    The smartest one in the bunch I think. If any of them have a good shot at getting help I think she has. She showed leadership skills and is very bright. Of course she is the oldest one of the brats.

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    Gosh -- My wife and I were more than a little teary eyed last night. It's amazing to see the pain in that poor kid. I really hope this show helps!!! She seams like such a natural leader, I have no doubts she has a ton to offer if she wasn't stoned 24/7 at home.
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    I was tearing up too last night. I really hope she can build on the realization that she's just been using the drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and deal with her father's death finally. I agree with everyone that she has enormous promise. When she said they buried her father on Christmas Eve, I thought ouch.

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    We're all in the same boat! Last nights episode in general had me weepy, but Lauren's situation especially. The fact that she acknowledged that her drinking and drug use is a numbing agent is really a big step.
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    I wish that they would have given her one of those beads too....

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    My mom was crying! I was getting teary eyed too! She's a really great leader. How she encouraged Nick when he was trying to read was really nice.

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    Okay, I'll ask in here. Does anyone know the song that was playing while Lauren was remembering her dad? Some of the words were Can I hold on tight to the memory of you and I? I'd like to find out the artist and title of the song. It was so beautiful. I have to admit I sobbed like a baby last night. As I posted in another thread, I lost my own dad 16 years ago and while I'm not a teen, I know what it's like. I still have a hard time when the anniversary rolls around. The anniversary just passed on the 11th. I can so relate to what Lauren is going through.
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