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Thread: "Infiltration" in Real Life

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    "Infiltration" in Real Life

    In James' final tet-a-tet with Franklin, James said, in essence, that the gay community has enough to worry about without the fear of being "infiltrated" by outsiders. His comment seems to suggest that such "infiltration" did not commonly occurr in real life . . . but is this true? Just how frequently do hetorsexuals try to pass as gay?

    In a recent VH1 show on gay culture in the media there was brief mention of "fag stags" in reference to straight men crashing gay bars to meet women that VH1 intimated were attracted to the more shapely, well-groomed and sensitive gay men. Certainly, there are also likely plenty of folks trying to pass as gay who are experimenting, confused, or curious. What is interesting to me is the suggestion that folks try to pass as gay socially either because "gay is 'in'" (to echo Ru Paul's proclaimation in "Wigstock the Movie") or to otherwise take advantage of perceived social benefits of being gay. Such social intrusion seems to have motivations which are perhaps more sincere than those of fag stags yet fundamentally less about sex than those who are experimenting, confused or curious.

    With the advent of shows like BMB, Queer Eye, etc., etc., straight men are exposed to male bonding which is decidedly friendly and affirming and an environment that has cultured a keen sense of acceptance and belonging. Important too is that the gay community offers a male culture alternative to the oaffish, brash, machismo-driven culture that the media has used to define the "straight male". ("The Man Show" and even Queer Eye have capitalized on this image.) Perhaps some white males are influenced by the lack of other positive social groups or identities (compare, for example, the culture of street gangs or white supremacists).

    What do you think -- How common is heterosexual "infiltration" and what motivates those who try to pass as gay?

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    While not really on the topic, "fag stags" refer to straight men who hang around gay guys. I have a couple of them, basically those who I grew up with in high school, who feel comfortable enough not to be threatened by being seen around gays. Of course it helps that they are married with children. No, they are not curious, other than the normal curious questions ranging from "when did you know" or "how did you know" to "how do you do it?" and "you put it where?" I tend not to answer the last two. Then there was the (obvious to us) gay guy pretending to be straight and sort of testing the waters. I mean when the supposedly straight one in the crowd is the most flaming, you gotta wonder how straight he is.

    So while there may be straight men among us, I don't think it's as sinister as being infiltrated (most don't pretend to be gay). But then that's may opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMBFAN
    The new Bravo post show interviews are at www.bravotv.com
    Thanks for the pointer BMBFAN!
    It was great! but now I've read it all *sigh* Where am I going to get my next BMB fix?

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