First of all, thank you so much for all your feedback. I'm glad that there are positive reactions to my idea.

I don't think it would be too confusing if the identity of the bachelor is kept secret. As with the current BMB, the audience seems to have their own favorites among the mates, some even favoring a particular mate over the bachelor James. If the identity of the bachelor is kept secret, the audience can just root for whomever they wish.

Furthermore, I think it will also be fun for audiences to try to guess who the bachelor is.

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I think it might be too confusing for the viewer not to know who the lead character to be following was. We had ALL of the secrets from the beginning in BMB, except for who the str8 ones were. We just watched the twists unfold from the sidelines.

This sounds like a fantastic idea - especially if it had the kind of great group dynamic that BMB seemed to create.

I would definitely watch. Are you listening, Bravo????