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Thread: More than they Bargained for?

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    Thank you so much for directing me to the website,

    Thank you for directing me to website James was more angrier than I thought good for him, very interesting

    Quote Originally Posted by foody
    Hi Lafftrax, to follow up on your thoughts about the shifting character of the show, I think you'll find the answer in this interview James had -- thanks to Richard for posting the url (in another thread)

    I think the reaction by the gay mates and James caught the producers by surprise. James says that despite their anger and feelings of betrayal, they gave the show back to the producers in the end and said 'here, you guys produce it and make it good'.... which is probably why at the end, the mood of the thing was directed to a more personal/intimate one, and there were so many voice overs from the straight mates (I think to show that they had better reasons than just money or malicious trickery) -- the thing they really left out was how angry James really was. Though they did put in the bit about why James decided to stay (knowing that there were still gay mates left who didn't know, and to leave them mid-way would have been disrespectful of their time).

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    Wes was always my favorite for James to take on the trip with him, and now we know why he picked Wes. He was looking for someone outgoing, who would be a lot of fun on the adventure trip. Even if they don't hook up romantically, James has made some good friends.

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