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Thread: Feeling Letdown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolasdad
    And, as a result, they got just what they wanted . . . great ratings, and a show people are still debating the merits of.
    And that's what it all boils down to, isn't it, Lolasdad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobeck
    And that's what it all boils down to, isn't it, Lolasdad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phlex
    I do wonder if the producers really understood how downright cruel the 'twist' would seem to many of us? I think they may have underestimated how really likeable and just plain decent James is, and how much the audience would identify with his point of view.
    To each his/her own. However, I agree and feel the way you do. I don't believe you have to only be gay to feel offended by the idea or badly for those used for amusement, I mean ratings. I also don't believe that if you are gay and not bothered by it, then it's okay either.

    I don't like to see people I know used and hurt. I also don't care for it when it happens to strangers (especially nice ones) either. They appear on our TV, but that doesn't mean that they aren't people who deserve some consideration.

    That kind of detachment happens everywhere. It's not so bad unless it happens to you or someone you care about.

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    feeling disapointed-where is the gaydar?

    I completely agree with the fact that you could pick out the straight and gay guys on the first episode- I had a list before they were done introducing us to everyone. I did give it a chance tho thinking that my gaydar could not be that good especially on a TV set. But everyone I marked as straight WAS! Where is Jame's gaydar anyway, when they started listing the people dropped from the show and trying to decide who was and wasnt gay for the final pick- James named EVERY straight guy as being Gay- he was so sure of himself. They didn't show it but I suspect before he made is final dissicion the producers put him "straight" on who was guy from the eleminated Mates.

    They needed to NOT tell the viewers the twist until James himself was told, that would have made it much more difficult to figure everyone out.

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    nank1971 and welcome.

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