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Thread: 9/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Someone arrest this guy (Days) for improper behavior. Just drop it you hate the show. It's a done deal.

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    Reaction to the Final Show

    I'm crushed...My predictions were wrong again, but I can't say that I am completely surprised!...And I am disappointed, almost heartbroken...Brian was my favorite from the beginning. I think it's just in my nature to root for the underdog, and I guess it was me just denying that Brian wasn't James's favorite. All I wanted was the best for him...but if he's not what James wanted, then it would't be fair if the two of them ended up together...

    Franklin looked as if he were about to burst into tears...IMO, James said some hurtful things that Franklin didn't want to hear...I'm sure Franklin had SOME good intentions going into this, and I think that he will use this as a learning experience and he will take a lot from it. But I can understand James' bitterness towards the whole twist, and that he only directed it all on Franklin, because frankly, he was the one straight guy that made it to the end. Well..my best wishes to Franklin anyway...But I am also glad that James did not have to suffer the consequences of choosing the straight mate...

    And dear dear Wes, I just KNEW that he would get picked...it seemed so obvious from earlier in the show. I think it finally dawned on me on that one on one after the karaoke and dancing that James would pick him. The show was edited to show how James had his doubts, but I'm sure his decision wasn't so hard in the end. I only tried to make myself believe that Wes was the straight guy, because I was pulling for my favorites Brian or Franklin to win.

    But alas...the choice wasn't mine to make, and I hope James and Wes work out! 3 Cheers for the happy couple! Hehe...I really hope that there is a reunion show...I wanna see them all again, cuz I miss them all already =D

    Also, did anyone else find it more pleasant NOT seeing Dani tonight?

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    Just my opinion.......

    It seems a lot of people just route for the wes guy. Which is the "Normal" thing to do. Since he is in the spotlight of every episode with the majority of the commentaries. Yes its ok that every other contestant did not get as much airtime as the guy did. Yes it is ok for James only to chose the guy Andra thought was suited for. Yes it is ok for all of us to get manipulated into thining everyone had a good chance on the show sine they all had "Equal" airtime. And Yes it is ok for fans to be upset since we our all on this opinion board to either rant or rave...........

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    Mr. Obvious
    Quote Originally Posted by Roddick_Rulez
    Also, did anyone else find it more pleasant NOT seeing Dani tonight?

    Wes totally captured James' attention ever since that whole 'rescue' in the rock climbing group date. It all started from there. I just knew they had the greatest connection out of all the mates, because of that group date.

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    The last show, many things were missing

    Many things were missing in the last show. Instead of hearing how the straight housemates were affected by the show, why not show more actual footage of the interactions between the guys, especially when it was revealed that some of the housemates were straight.

    I don't know when it was revealed to James and Andra that some of the housemates were straight. Did he assume that because one of the mates at the end was straight that others were also? Dani only said one of the housemates was straight, at that was at the end.

    I would love to have seen the mates told, as well as more actual footage.

    I also don't know at that point if Franklin was actually fully upset. He did go through the whole week and could have backed away at times. He probably comprehends it better now that he's seen the show on air. I wonder if James actually talks to Franklin.


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    Quote Originally Posted by flotsette
    Awww. Man, reading that board is making my brain hurt. I can't get over the fact that some people are specifically so mad at Franklin. Why are they not that mad at any of the other straight guys? I don't dare post over there. It's like a bottomless pit! I'm glad alixtheweaver is over there making some sense.

    Thanks. I thought my opinion wouldn't make sense to anyone but me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REALITY
    Sorry to see the show in and I hope we get a update on how their relationship is going or if they are still dating. Good Luck to all!!
    Judging from the looks they were giving each other on the Today Show, they would seem to still be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REALITY
    I was upset with Franklin but not any more, Franklin was playing a game but I believe, Franklin touched alot of people he seemed and still is so sweet, he did no more than anyone else, I saw him on the today show, so I don't think he is hiding.
    Also, Brian has mentioned him cooking for some of them on weekends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REALITY
    I think alot of people including myself believed Franklin really truely liked James the most. He seemed so sincere, I am dissapointed on so many levels, I think Franklin and James would have been great together, To me James and Wes personalities are so different, but opposites do attract. James is so laid back and Wes is so out going and charming. I am still a Franklin fan but Wes is growing on me, Sorry to see the show in and I hope we get a update on how their relationship is going or if they are still dating. Good Luck to all!!

    Is it perhaps possible that Franklin really, truely did like James the most but as a friend not a potential lover? I know it is hard to have positive feelings for people who misled us, but I think none of the straight guys had any malice. I think they were all very open to exploring a different side of themselves and genuely enjoyed hanging out with all of the other guys. Plenty of gay guys spend time with a woman who they care deeply about and try to convince themselves that they feel sexual attraction for her. Is it so hard to beleive that a straight guy could get caught up in a gay community, grow to really like some of the guys and then catch themselves and realize, wait I'm not really physcially attracted to guys?

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    andra had a right to vent

    Quote Originally Posted by ant
    not saying that andra's a horrible person, but we all have those horrible and isolated moments. it thought that was hers. she seems a very educated and level-headed individual in general. i still think that her and james' friendship is very precious.
    I think Andra wanted a chance to vent to the straight guy and she took it. I also think her little tiff helped James and her figure out for sure that Franklin was straight. Maybe not by what he said, but his body language had to be screaming.

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