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Thread: 9/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Mr. Obvious
    You love it or hate it. And it apparently already has made it to network television.

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    I think alot of people including myself believed Franklin really truely liked James the most. He seemed so sincere, I am dissapointed on so many levels, I think Franklin and James would have been great together, To me James and Wes personalities are so different, but opposites do attract. James is so laid back and Wes is so out going and charming. I am still a Franklin fan but Wes is growing on me, Sorry to see the show in and I hope we get a update on how their relationship is going or if they are still dating. Good Luck to all!!

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    Ditto what Mr. Obvious said.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion on the show but I found it a refreshing change from the average boring reality dating show. And what makes Andra a witch? She was just there to help find James a mate.

    And a final lol to Mr. Obvious's avatar. Go Matt fanboys.

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    Oh a team player....wa wa wa wa wa

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Obvious
    You love it or hate it. And it apparently already has made it to network television.

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    James so made the right choice

    So glad J picked Wes. They seem very well matched for one another. I think they are both sweet, sensitive and real and I wish them all the best. I hope they're together for a long time. James showed at the end what a good guy he is. He was so sweet to Brian H. and he handled the Franklin thing perfectly. Go James!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flotsette
    Awww. Man, reading that board is making my brain hurt. I can't get over the fact that some people are specifically so mad at Franklin. Why are they not that mad at any of the other straight guys? I don't dare post over there. It's like a bottomless pit! I'm glad Julia/Alixtheweaver is over there making some sense.
    Help me understand. The whole setup was awful. I think the producers did a lot of rationalizing to justify this. But doesn't seem like what Franklin did was worse than Dan or Sean, James or Paul. He just made it to the final round.

    The straight guys sounded a little canned when they said that they were opening a door to understanding. I still wonder if decieving James was the only way to build the bridge between gay and straight worlds.

    ...Perhaps makeovers (sorry that is another program).

    Wes in the end met the criteria James set at the outset. May they
    live long and prosper!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aries36
    I'm so glad James picked Wes. I think they have true potential. The way James spoke to each one of the guys at the end showed his true colors as a classy, sensitive, genuine guy looking for love. I hope he finds it with Wes!
    Totally agree. Like the other guys, but Wes had the best chemistry with James. He drew him out like none of the others could and I hope they are still together. Their eye contact in the finale was very romantic. They make a great looking couple.

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    Mr. Obvious
    days, I'm not Matthew. :rolleyes

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    Mr. Obvious
    I agree, they deserve each other.

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    I was upset with Franklin but not any more, Franklin was playing a game but I believe, Franklin touched alot of people he seemed and still is so sweet, he did no more than anyone else, I saw him on the today show, so I don't think he is hiding.

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