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Thread: 9/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Muahaha! I knew it was Franklin. I'm so glad Wes got picked. He was the best. I'm also happy James didn't get screwed over by the twist.

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    I am glad to see my pattern that is on bravo's website was correct wonder why they did the 1,2,1,2,1 pattern was alittle easy to figure out

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunynaples
    I am glad to see my pattern that is on bravo's website was correct wonder why they did the 1,2,1,2,1 pattern was alittle easy to figure out
    I concede. You were right. I just thought it seemed too easy. And...I admit it...I LIKED THE STRAIGHT GUY.

    I still think Franklin will be crawling out of the closet any day now. I think he learned more about himself than he intended.

    Okay, so I'm rationalizing. I guess I just have to admit it to myself. He's straight. I suppose I must return my gay pass.

    Nah...my boyfriend is so much better!!! Cute in the same tall, dark, wavy haired, blue eyed way. THANK GOD FOR ACTUAL, LIVING REALITY!!!

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    Wow James really unloaded on Franklin with some heavy language. He asserted that Franklin had "infiltrated" the group of gay guys. To "infiltrate" means to enter unobtrusively for destructive purposes. Ol' Franklin was crushed by that word, you could see it on his face. I wonder if Franklin was prepared to accept the 25Gs if he had been selected. I think that Franklin was good enough in his heart to have offered it to James' favorite charity.

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    I hope that James and Wes will be very happy together.....James deserves it after all that he has been through on the show

    I just started reading messages on this board after last week because I was so sad after James told Andrea about the "twist".....I wanted to see if anyone had any clues as to who was straight. I know I missed a lot not reading as the show began.....what a ride it was and poor James took most of the punishment as the "star" of the show.

    I hope they both have fun on the trip!!!
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    didn't want to say i told you so...

    it was an eventful episode. thank goodness my gaydar's still intact. it was emotional after the str8 was revealed. i mean i really feel bad for him. franklin was so nervous. he was getting hives. james, better he than anyone - he held very well.

    brian wow--such chivalry up to the end he was being protective of franklin. he's such a good natured person, whoever his partner is very lucky to have brian h. by his side. i was very touched. brian h. you need not stalk dan. there are far better catches out there or rather sex orientation complimentary.

    without a doubt my boy wes came thru with flaming rainbow colors. whew! now i want to know how the trip went and did they live happily ever after? and am i on a roll is he staying with james when he comes down from sd? i'm sorry it's my human instinct. i want and need to know more! you say 25K - i say 50K - lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by REALITY
    I am so heart broken, Franklin was straight, I guess I should have known, boy am I depressed now.
    It's okay, me too. Now we know how girls feel when they fall in love with guys or have boyfriends only to learn later that they are really gay.

    It sucks.

    P.S. I'm not really *depressed* just very disappointed

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    i think franklin was shattered by this experience. he's right he'll never be the same. once you go gay there's no turning back

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    oh and andra... hmmm. i understood how she reacted how she did the first run, but the second time taking too much liberty i think with the pummeling and berating. i wish james had stepped up at that point. hey sister just calm down... i'm the diva here not you

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    Your right Franklin will not be the same. I would hope that he would also have learned something. Maybe something about styles of Architecture, the spa that him and James went to franklin described it as Roman in stlye. clearly more of a Neo classical stlye then roman. that was another nail in franklin's I am gay lie for me. plus his story about building schools for tribes in Antigua sounded off too. Now I have never been to the Island but as a member of the British commonwealth and a site of offshore money laundry places I would not think they would need too many schools ( plus the fact that over 80% of the population is literate)
    Let alone not many tribes on antigua any more have not been since the slave trading days from my research.

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