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Thread: If you were James...who would you choose?

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    I'd pick FRANKLIN! Yum!

    Then again, I'm a straight girl so maybe that's my straight-dar talking...

    I think James likes Wes the best.

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    If it were me picking for me, I'd probably pick Brian. I just like that type. Franklin is hot, but he talks too much and tries too hard (on the show anyway), I'd probably get frustrated with him (his show persona anyway). Wes and I would be better friends than lovers, we'd spar a lot.

    If I were picking for James, I'd pick Wes, only because the show is making us think he seems to be drawn the most to what Wes is offering...

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    If I were picking for James, I would pick Wes. He seems interested in James, and I think he would be a great travel partner on the trip. For me, I would have to go with Franklin, and those beautiful eyes :-)

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