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Thread: Finalists on the Today Show

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poot
    I'm like jsciv, I didn't chose Franklin to be straight based on anything else but the way I read his character. And I did it in a analyzed manner because I too know that feminine and masculine traits are only assumed roles society expects of human beings. Who in the hell would've thought Christopher Lowell is married and has a child.......? Now even that man stumped me, but like I said in a previous post my method is not 100% correct.
    Christopher Lowell has a wife and child???

    It took me long enough to believe Frank from Trading Spaces was straight, now I have to accept this???

    What is wrong with this world!!!?? Can nothing be relied upon anymore???

    BTW, I stayed in CT with my family for the holiday, so I didn't get back to NYC in time to see the taping, thanks for posting the transcript!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolasdad
    According to the article, he didn't complain about the attention, he went to the producers because, since he couldn't tell him the truth, he felt bad about leading the guy on.
    Yes, what Lolasdad says. A friend of mine just showed me this article -- the exact quote is this:

    "...The crushee was one of the closet straight men, and he felt so bad about the situation that he went to the producers. The gay mate says that when he learned the truth, 'it hurt. A whole relationship that could have happened was just immediately taken away.' "
    --Newsweek, July 21, 2003, pages 52-53.

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