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    At this point in episodes though they havent seem to have told James that not only is one of the three men gay but that half of the ones that started were gay... I wonder if we see them tell him th at or are they afraid an ambulance would have to take Andra away... or wonder if theyll do a reunion type show - I havent read anything about that but of all shows, this is one that would have benefited from somethin glike that to let people know what they were thinking while the show was going on - what the str8 guys were thinking - why did people go on the show - how did they feel they wbere portrayed etc.

    Finally seems some people are a bit obsessed with all this and taping the show, freeze framing it etc... If this whole idea is so intriguing why dont you go to a hip club this weekend and play the BMB home version --- or go to the theater on Sat nite for another home version.. It can be just as fun....
    and dont forget to look at how they hold wine glasses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SD_fan

    Hi I am a newbie and your board is fun!!! Anyhow I know this appears obsessive and I never thought that I would be a realitytv fan, but here we are!

    Well, we have to assume that only one person gets the champagne in the next episode. Have you observed the preview at the end of tonite's show where James looks at the 3 guys individually? (by the way I agree with whoever said that he looked at his eye level ie Franklin when he said "I have to assume you are straight" and lower ie Wes most likely when he clicked the champagne glass).

    Anyhow I have to admit that I carefully reviewed my tapes (talk about Bravo making people detectives!) and the hand clicking glasses with James at the end is Wes'!!!! In addition, like a good sommelier, Franklin has always held his glass at the bottom of the stem, and Wes has a wide grip at the top...

    I have to say that I am slightly disappointed if I am right, because Franklin would have shattered some stereotypes and frankly I feel that up until James found out about the 'twist' he was most likely to choose Franklin.

    Oh well, at least it has been a fun diversion for the last few Tuesday nights.
    You got it totally right babe. I must agree with you. Great detective work. I knew b/c of other reasons. Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrRealityShow
    You know it's entirely possible that James tells this to Franklin and he replies "What? You're wrong, I'm not straight!" *crossing my fingers*
    Oh no baby. You are absolutely wrong. Absolutely. Sorry.

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