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Thread: Hypothesis (possible spoilers)

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    Hypothesis (possible spoilers)

    I've been thinking about this for a couple weeks now.

    If I were the producer of a potentially risky show concerning gay men, I'd want to find a hook that would enable my show to have crossover appeal.

    In this case, BMB hinges on the fact that among the gay men seeking James' attention are several straight men. Viewers who otherwise might not be interested in seeing two gay guys hook up might watch in order to see if James gets hooked up with a faking straight guy or in order to simply test their own gaydar.

    As a hypothetical producer of BMB, to keep this element of suspense up until the final show, I'd be interested in controlling the outcome as much as possible. But with the ability to eliminate suitors freely, for example, James could eliminate 6 straight guys from a pool of 15 within two episodes, if he got (very) lucky.

    However, excepting the first episode, James' elimination choices haven't been freeform. James has been asked to eliminate one person out of groups of three SELECTED BY THE SHOW.

    By controlling the group composition, the producer can ensure that it is impossible for James to completely eliminate all straight candidates from the pool. For example, if two straight guys exist in a given group, the best James can do is eliminate a single one, leaving one to continue to a subsequent round. If three exist in a given group, then two are guaranteed to make it to the next round.

    Corroborating this information would require looking back at the pool composition over the past few weeks and the eliminated contestants to see whether straight contestants that have been eliminated have ever been put in pools together.

    However, the prediction that this hypothesis makes is that Franklin must be straight, because he was put in the same group as Sean (known to be straight) during the round of six.

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    Welcome chrep!

    Yes, this theory has been going around the boards, and there's definite credence to it. Look at the groupings:

    First groupings...
    Jim (S), Franklin (S*), Sean (S), Dan (S)
    Wes (G*), Michael (S), Robb (G), Paul (S)
    Matthew (G), Brian (G*), Marc (G), Darren (G)

    Second groupings...
    Michael (S), Robb (G), Sean (S)
    Matthew (G), Brian (G*), Darren (G)
    Dan (S), Franklin (S*), Wes (G*)

    Third groupings:
    Robb (G), Wes (G*)
    Darren (G), Brian (G*)
    Sean (S), Franklin (S*)

    Now, the first show James booted two G and one S. IF he'd managed to hit SSS then they wouldn't have had wiggle room (so the straights would probably have been tighter in the second grouping), but yeah, the pattern is there.

    -- Joe

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    The mates weren't divided into random groups that's for sure. I would've stopped watching if there would be no more straight guys in the end.

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    Assuming I buy into this whole social experiment theory, has anyone noticed that no one has been blown away by which guys were gay and which ones were straight? I mean the only ones you truly couldn't tell were the ones with very little screen time. Of course, Franklin could be gay and Brian or Wes could be straight and blow my entire rant out of the water.

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    This whole social experiment thing is total BS - its even been stated by Bravo - the whole reason for the 'twist' was to try to attract a greater audience - esp a more hetero audience - esp hetero women... This is all about ratings - not advocating the gay cause or finding James a boyfriend -this is not a charity.

    And of course the eliminations were all manipulated - There was no other reason for people to be grouped. Its just common sense. The whole point of the show would have been destroyed if all the straight guys were gone so they had to make sure that at least one straight guy would make it to the final 3 and the only way to ensure that was to do the group eliminations to take power away from James and put it in the power of the producers who were creating characters and stories and needed this to further the plot line. OF course, being in the dark, James had no reason to think that and just thought they were making it a bit different than the other dating shows.... They just figured a gay dating show would only appeal to gays so they had to broaden it a bit...and now word comes out that Fox is planning a show were a woman is dating guys and some are gay... When w/ill this all end?

    i wish there was a gay channel and we could just have a 'straight' gay dating show - excuse the pun - but just a show for us... or for a show to air on mainstream TV with gays dating and no big deal made of it. The only show of that type that I see does that on a regular basis is M TV's TAILDATERS - they regularly include gays dating in a regular episode without ever making a big deal out of it. I know some of the other syndicated dating shows have sometimes done a 'stunt' show with a gay episode (ie Blind Date or Eliminate - those types), but MTV's sh ow does it on a regular basis having 2 guys go out on a blind date or 2 women - and having their friends and relatives watch and give them advice. That is true progress rather than making a spectacle of t he situation

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