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Thread: Boy Meets Boy, 8/19/03: Wanna Ride My Pony?

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    Wes' smart *$$ Remarks

    Quote Originally Posted by ant
    i second your thoughts on wes vs. franklin. yeah those
    repartees by wes may cause him the game/james.
    One can only hope you are correct. If Wes (whom I have grown from mistrusting to genuinely disliking) is what James wants, he's not my kind of guy at all.

    I can't imagine that James would find Wes' "cattiness" (read: b*tchiness) an attractive feature. Wes can't imagine why Darren would still be there? Let's talk about Franklin while he's not around? Wes seems to be particularly fond of being snotty about, and to, Franklin.

    I have been keeping a tally of Wes' smart remarks to (and more often, about) Franklin and other mates. Even when he begins to say something nice, it winds up being negative and generally rude.

    My .02 for what it's worth.


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    Thanks for the synopsis. They don't seem to show this show in South Lake Tahoe or any Bravo for that matter.

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