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Thread: in the end

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    in the end

    this is the way I see the final episode of boy meets boy. it's the last show and all the guys are invited back. one by one they walk into the room and greet james. Robb enters first, whispers in james ear, kisses him on the cheek, gives james a tender hug and steps aside. as the remaining men enter to greet james he can't keep his eyes and thoughts off of Robb. James says to hell with the show, I want Robb, I don't care what your rules are. He's the man for me. he than grabs robb and they bolt out the door and off the show. Kind of fairy tale but it's a great thought don't you think?

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    yeah and dans gay! add that to the fairy tale!

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    Nothing wrong with creating your own fantasy about James and Robb.

    Either way, I'm sure Robb will "make out" just fine!

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