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Thread: 8/19 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    A question just occured to me. If James is not supposed to discuss their sexuality with the final 3 guys, why the "You assumed I was gay" bit?

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    Franklin in tears? Remember Wes and James in the liplock!

    Quote Originally Posted by tubey
    On 8/19, the first BMB promo that aired in Queer Eye (and it only ran once) showed two very telling clips:
    1. Franklin in very bigtime tears; and,
    2. Wes and James in a very serious liplock. [edited]
    I remember this commercial, I have it on tape. I ran it in slow motion to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing (Wes and James in a liplock). I don't remember Franklin in tears, but I'll go back and check. Thanks for piquing my curiosity.


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