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Thread: Only one more? Which one? (SPOILERS)

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    Even rich kids --- and he's not necessarily a rich kid, just because he's well-traveled and well-educated and his parents did right by him --- can use $25,000.

    I don't think ol' Franklin's as sleazy as some of us are suggesting. Just an opportunist, like everyone else on the show.

    I do agree that he could be a closet case. I'd like to think so, considering the way he's reacted with jealousy (assuming that his reaction was as real as it appeared to be).

    The more I do background research on some of the people on the show --- and thanks to everyone who contributes links and tidbits of info; I love solving mysteries! --- the tackier the show seems to become. All these actor wannabes --- Dan, Michael, Wes. It's as much of a "reality" show as a beauty pageant.

    If they ever do this type of show again, it would be nice to see it done with some people from places where there's likely to be fewer show biz connections, like, well, some of the places where these guys were actually born --- Michigan, Mississippi, Minnesota, so that the likelihood of getting "real" people (as opposed to actor types) is increased.

    But I don't know why I'm griping about it --- it's television, for pete's sake. None of it's real. They could just as easily do it with virtual people.

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    I really feel sorry for James. He came onto this show looking for someone who wouldn't cheat on him and could possibly be his soulmate. He stated that it was hard for him to meet people. Now after he hears this twist in full (that there have been MANY straight guys he booted), the poor guy is going to have problems trusting men for the rest of his life, especially since he kept so many straight guys for so long. Since we know Brian is gay, that leaves Wes or Franklin as the straight guy. Why would a straight guy get openly jealous of two gay guys kissing? At the same time, the "teaser" of Wes asking James -- why do you think I am gay -- is a dead giveaway that he is IN FACT just that...Teasers always are the opposite of what they appear!

    Why oh why did he and Matt not hook up?! Oh what a cutie patootie pair they would have made!!! And, why didn't Andra get veto power again this week?!

    BTW, this gal is so emotional that no wonder they are BOTH single! I think she wears off on him in a BAD way. Nice enough girl, great girl, but neither one has a strong personality!! She is a poor man's Grace and he is definitely not a rich man's Will, but he is far from "Just Jack"...why oh why isn't there a KAREN on this show!!!!!

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    Um .... Andra is married ...

    ... BTW, this gal is so emotional that no wonder they are BOTH single! ...

    According to Andra's biography on Bravo, she is "a married, mother of two who lives in Los Angeles and spends her days working in the bustling advertising industry..."

    This gal is like the ultimate mother hen ... a little Prozac would help, I think, and maybe she ought to spend more time hanging out with her kids and cut James' apron strings ...

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    Or maybe it's the other way around?

    I got the impression that James and Andra were supportive and enjoyed each others company. She seemed just fine to me. They were the two in their own house and spent time together. She got angry when she thought Dan was lying and VERY angry upon finding out about the deception so late in the game. How is it that she would need a "little Prozac"?

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    I have been reading the different threads and have not noticed that anyone has mentioned Wes's comment about loving it when a "guy" cooks for him.
    Any other people wondering about it?

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    I love it when a guy cooks for me too! However, I will do the dishes and...dessert to show appreciation. There really is something sexy about it. Maybe it also has to do with the sensuality of food. Ice cream on a cone or a popsicle are two of my favorites. In general, anything done as a labor of love/like is good.

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