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Thread: Wes

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    wrongfully accused?

    He seems very full of himself and also willing to talk trash to James about the other guys. (Remember the pissiness about Darren on the horseback ride?)

    Hey everyone... I was watching the most recent episode, and I noticed something highly interesting... Did anyone else notice that when the words came up on the screen that Wes had said, "Speaking of excurciating, here comes Darren" that it didnt make any sense? Well, I know I did, they werent even talking about excruciating things. It was then that I realized Wes hadn't indeed said "excruciating", he had said "excretion" Now, that makes way more sense considering they had been talking about the horses *ahem* excretion, and Darren had just come back from using the bathroom. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this, I don't like seeing Wes being wrongfully accused of such things. :0)

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    Jop fans, I agree with you. The timing was right. If Darren only fell behind and then caught up with the group, then it would of had a different meaning.

    Good pickup!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh! Boy
    he doesn't do it for me either; his "mountain rescue" is SOOOO overrated in my book.....

    james needs to "pull an Elaine Benes" and convince franklin he wants to play for the other team.... then he truly will be a gay icon
    I totally agree with the "shared fear" experience. There is just something about Wes that bothers me. Arrogance, maybe? He seems SO sure he's THE ONE for James.

    As for your "pull an Elaine Benes":

    *THAT* would be a "TWIST" I would appreciate! What a great idea!


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    Wes the Actor

    Just did a google on Wes Culwell. It seems that, in addition to the film "The Clean and Narrow", Wes had appeared in a few gay themed plays in San Diego. One was "Jeffrey", the other was about Oscar Wilde.

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    Wes looks to be the winner

    James seems to have the most chemistry with Wes.
    His boyish charms and cute innocent smile, also I am
    pretty sure he is "not" the str8 one.
    What is questionable ( as with every other guy) if he
    is playing to win the game or win James. That still
    remains to be seen.

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    Could be reading the signals wrong but I wonder if Wes is not into James. The karaoke moment singing with James, if I were developing feelings for James I would try to concern myself with attempting to sing with James rather than putting on a show for others. Usually when I'm attracted and starting to get feelings for someone, my attention is usually on them when I'm trying to woo them. I guess he could be trying to make light of the ridiculousness of the situation and not knowing the words to endear himself to James. No ill-will to Wes if that's his approach but that's just how i'd read the signals if I were James.

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    Actually, the karaoke thing was when I started to like Wes. He is evidently the sort of person who always feels like he has to be 'on' and 'in control'; but at the karaoke, his confidence seemed to falter for the first time - which made him instantly more appealing - and he did seem to respond to, and appreciate, James's encouragement.

    My vibe is that there's a good guy inside Wes, but it takes quite a bit of work to get past the public face.

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    an article on my boy wes

    got this off of the monterey herald. well wesley has quite a not so bent past after all... and darn i thought he went to college. it did sorta state that he went to some sorta higher education. i was hoping berkely atleast or usc even. he doesn't tarnish in my eyes. he's got a cute bald spot. have you guys noticed? and after that dumping in the leading man's pool it's become evident. it's nice to know that he's not so perfect. he's still cute and cuddly...

    Posted on Sat, Aug. 23, 2003

    Good luck and 'Bravo' to boy-next-door

    Three remaining contestants. Will the Salinas man be the last man standing?

    And if chosen in the latest reality TV show, "Boy Meets Boy," will Wesley Culwell, an adorable young man who grew up in the "Valley of the World," be awarded $25,000 as a straight man, or be given a fabulous trip with James as a gay man?

    Only time will tell.

    Culwell, 24, whose profile on Bravotv.com lists him as residing in the San Diego area, is a grad of Spreckels School and Salinas High.

    He was considered quite the ladies man in junior high, according to at least one former Spreckels schoolmate. Even his eighth-grade prophecy reads "he was last seen cheering on the girls' basketball team."

    He was also voted biggest flirt, nicest guy and best looking that year.

    It looks to the Professor as though Culwell still has those qualities.

    "Boy Meets Boy" airs at 9 p.m. Tuesdays on Bravo.

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    Clarification... :)

    Hey Everyone!
    Crazy..only two more episodes to go. This Tuesday's episode is gong to be a lot of fun. I don't know how much of the dates are in the show but I can tell you ours was crazy and fun.

    Just wanted to comment on Jopfans post. You are 100% correct. Excuciating is not what I said. Poor Darren had to stop every 10 minutes to take a bathroom break on the horse back ride and what I said was..."Speaking of excretion, here comes Darren." Darren is good guy a lot of us just didn't see the connection. I still talk to Darren so there was no bad feelings. Oh the power of editing.

    And for higher educaion, Ant, yup I did go to college. I got my BA from the University of California, Irine in 2000. That article from the Herald seemed to be only able to contact people from my junior high. Haha, got to love them for trying though.

    All the best...only two more to go.


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    Thanks for stopping by!

    Speaking of editing...Wes, some of us like what we have seen of you and others don't. Do you care to comment on those those who think you came off as cocky? I thought you were just being confident and that can be a turn on.

    Will there be some sort of party for the public and participants of BMB, the way there was for The Amazing Race 4?

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