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Thread: Matthew

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roddick_Rulez
    Hey Rab...Andy Roddick is an up and coming American tennis player, who at age 21, won his first Grand Slam Title at the US Open Tennis Championships on Sunday, and is now ranked a career high #2 in the world! And he is currently dating singer/actress Mandy Moore...

    Haha, I'm a tennis junkie...
    OMG this is sooooo e-Roddick of you. Kiss me. NOW.

    I'm joking again dangit don't kill me. -_-

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    I am in love with Matt!!!!!!!!! mmm he is fine. I could lock lips with him all day.

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    does anybody know how I can meet Matthew from Boy meets Boy. I'm dying to meet him, just to talk and get to know him better. The first time I laid my eyes on that boy, I was in heaven. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! he's fine. So if anybody in SF knows him, could you please tell him I just wanna talk to him.


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