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Thread: Marc

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    Marc did seem like a really nice guy. I thought for sure that when he volunteered to do the dancing bit, that would have earned points with James. In fact, James said it did. I guess it just wasn't enough, though.

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    Mr. Obvious
    Just a little spoiler:

    I read here that Marc himself posts on the "Television Without Pity" boards under the name hwdla.

    Here's what that first link I posted said about Marc:

    "OK - here’s the other spoiler. Marc has apparently started posting on Television Without Pity as hwdla. Intrepid fellow poster BML1980 found a profile for Marc on a dating site where he’s a “man seeking men.” hwdla admitted he was “outed.” So it would seem that we can safely assume Marc is one of the gay ones. If he is indeed hwdla, he seems very nice and friendly."

    Well, I've been reading this 'hwdla' guy's posts, and he talks as if he were Marc. As of now, I'll believe it is Marc. (Other posters recognized him as Marc)
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    Just because a man is not the most attractive in the world (as in... BMB world) doesn't mean that he's a really great person. Although, I did like the parting comment he made about how he was glad it was him going so that others could have their chance for a dream date with James. Aww... Anyhow, so, where is the evidence that he is a good guy?!? Why can't Dan be a good guy? Huh?

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    LA Z BOI58
    No one said he was bad, just many people dont like him.

    Whenever you have an opinion, there will always be another opinion against yours, face it.

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    Like my opinion, which is Marc is one handsome man. And from his posts, he seems to be a really nice guy to boot. (Unlike the poseur Dan).

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    Mr. Obvious
    ^ - Nah, Dan's a nice guy too. Just a moron on BMB. He's really nice through email. Seems very busy, though.

    Marc seems to think positively of Dan, though. Says he nice in person, Blahblabla, but he admits that he's getting 'slammed'. (@ the TWoP forums)

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    Well, I'll chime in and say that I thought Marc was really attractive even before he was revealed to be gay, although I figured him to be straight. Guys past their 20s are always more attractive to me for some reason and I don't think it's the typical "daddy complex" cause I certainly don't need one. I'm not sure why James made his choices of eliminations because in one statement he wants someone stable and comfortable with themselves but each weeks remaining guys seem to go against that want.

    Anyhoo. Glad to hear he's a genuinely nice guy in person as he seemed on the show.

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